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O julgamento do século - Parte dois

Originally published in Daredevil #39.

Hector Ayala, A.K.A. White Tiger, is in the legal hot seat after his arrest as the "cop-killer super hero." The defense team of Murdock and Nelson in their trickiest trial yet, laden with misfires, misdeeds, and half-truths.

A few months ago the cover of the biggest tabloid in the city reads: Daredevil's Secret Identity Revealed. The secret is out. After months of a media circus with old villains trying to attack him in his civilian identity, Matt murdock holds a nationwide press conference to announce that he is not Daredevil and he is suing the tabloid for 400 million dollars. To save his law practice and himself from going to jail, Matt is preparing for the fight of his life.

Against his better judgement, Matt has taken a murder case in which the retired super hero the White Tiger has been falsely accused of murdering a police officer. Matt knows his client is innocent but the case is going badly.

Escondido - Parte dois

Originally published in The Punisher #25.

O trabalho

Originally published in Elektra #24.

Witness a deadly game of cat and mouse in glorious detail as we watch Elektra systematically take down her hit.


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