Demitri Maximoff

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    Demetri Maximoff. Prince of Darkness.

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    Demetri was born in 1483. He is a Makai demon that was banished to earth along with his castle Zeltzereich. The castle is only visible during full moon.


    Demetri is a demon with vampiric abilities. He has none of the weaknesses vampires usually have, except that he is vulnerable to sunlight. That is why he constantly is seen with a force field. It appears as a thin glowing aura around his body.

    He is able to turn humans into vampires, and they will be completely under his control. He is also able to turn males into females which can be seen during his Midnight Bliss move.

    He normally appears as a human and seldom takes his demon form. He often assumes a bat-like form, and can assume the form of many bats at once.


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