Character » Deluge appears in 14 issues.

    An albino mutant who has great energy manipulation and projection powers, and the ability to manipulate the weather like the X-man Storm met the X-Men and Ororo in Africa , he was seemingly destroyed after this encounter

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    Born in an African tribe, Deluge was rejected from his village for his albino's skin. He discovered that his village was controlled by american scientists and was forced to live with them to keep the secret shut. When his powers manifested for the first time, he decided to claim Ororo Munroe's powers. He met Cyclops first and decided that he was a better source of energy. He struggled with Marvel Girl, Beast and Ororo who surcharged Deluge's powers with Cyclop's optic blast. Deluge absorbed more energy that he could contain and exploded.

    Powers and Abilities

    Deluge possesses great energy manipulation and projection powers, capable of manipulating environments to draw energy from multiple sources. Examples of the energy Deluge could absorb include wind, rain, and lightning. By manipulating wind currents Deluge could simulate flight.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height : 5'9''
    • Weight : 145 lbs
    • Eyes : black
    • Hair : bald

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