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In the Greek History of the Marvel Universe the Amazons at one time waged war with the Gorgons. Many were captured and assimilated into Amazonian society where their descendants lived among the Amazons. Delphyne is one of these descendants. She has known Princess Artume of the Amazon's her entire life, and when the princess rose to power she served as the Princess's highest ranking and most valued general.

Character Creation

Delphyne was created for the Love and War story arc of The Incredible Hercules comic series, by the creative team of Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, and Clayton Henry.

Major Story Arcs

Love and War

Delphyne was a top general for Princess Artume who lead the Amazons. Delphyne became dis-satisfied with Artume's methods and turned against her. A battle between the two ended with Artume losing her head and reverting to a stone statue and Delphyne assuming the mantle of "Queen of the Amazons".

She had a short lived love interest with Amadeus Cho. Unable to be with Cho because of her new duty as the Queen of the Amazons, Delphyne hoped to find a way to free herself from the curse of the gorgons, returning her to human form so she could be with Cho. This plan, however, required Delphyne to kill Athena, who originally cursed the gorgons.

Alternate Version

Marvel Zombies

On Earth-8410, an alternate reality classified as a Dystopia Cyberpunk, Delphyne has replaced her snakes with cybornetic interface cables. She lives with Cho until he brings home a program that turns out to be a virus that force the lovers to feed on each other.


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