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    Infant Terrible appears in Annihilation as Delinquent.

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    The infant terrible is a member of an alien race known as the Elan. This race possesses near unlimited reality warping abilities, limited only by the users imagination. Although they are extremely powerful, they also in maturity are benevolent and considerate. The Infant first came in contact with the Fantastic Four when he accidentally wandered to Earth. After being tricked by local mobsters into committing crimes, such as levitating cars and steal items, he also almost destroyed the Earth by pulling the Sun towards it.  He was stopped by the Fantastic Four who managed to contact the alien baby's parents, who prevented him from killing the planet on accident. 
    Later he appeared as a member of Annihilus' elite centurions during the Annihilation Wave. There he did not make much use of his powers, despite having developed from the child-like mentality. Annihilus' bugs mind-controlled him and despite having his entire body cut up by Drax, he took no actual harm. He later appeared alongside Drax and Paibok, sporting his reality warping powers once again and the child-like mentality. 


    A Marvel comics character, first appearing in Fantastic Four #24 Delinquent was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Reed Richards gives the character the name the character and Elam youth as Infant Terrible based on Les Enfants Terribles, as in children who do horrible things.  

    Powers and Abilities

    The Delinquent possesses extremely potent and powerful energy powers, being able to generate, construct transmute and manipulate energy with his antennae. There are various ways that Delinquent can utilize his powers, either for destructive purposes or to create. Delinquent can fire destructive blasts, teleport objects, attract and repel objects and items, and physically manipulate and change objects. These abilities are typical among all Elan, and generally the more mature the Elan, the more refined their usage of powers and abilities will become. As a younger Elan, Delinquent used his powers in more juvenile and playful ways. At some stage however, Delinquent was traumatized to such a degree that he suffered a type of regression, greatly affecting how he would consciously use his abilities and powers. He could be controlled however or prompted to his powers. Still extremely powerful, he is capable of creating giant functional spaceships.       
    Physical Characteristics  
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 200 lbs
    Hair: None
    Eyes: Green

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