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    Delilah is a deadly assassin.

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    Delilah was a highly skilled assassin working under the new Rose during one of the crime-boss gang wars. She first came into conflict with Spider-Man when she attempted to assassinate the husband of his employer Shirley (this was during the time Ben Reilly was Spider-Man). When the Black Tarantula first involved himself in the gang war, Delilah attempted to kill his super-strong henchman, El Uno but was defeated. She won the next fight, mailing El Uno's head back to the Black Tarantula. Delilah and the Rose next sought to remove Spider-Man from interfering in their operations, and so undertook the project of repowering Electro, hoping he would eliminate Spider-Man. Electro failed, and so they devised a new plan. This time, they stole the corpse of Dr. Octopus and succeeded in restoring him to life.

    Later Delilah found herself ambushed by the Black Tarantula, who overpowered her and broke her neck. Before she could die, however, the Black Tarantula then instantly healed her with a message of warning for the Rose. Attempting to bring down the Black Tarantula, Delilah sought the help of the new costumed vigilante, Ricochet (Spider-Man in disguise). Together they tackled two of Black Tarantula's operatives, Roughouse and Bloodscream. Bloodscream grabbed hold of Delilah and caused her to bleed until she passed out. She was taken by the police to the hospital. Delilah then appeared many years later when Johnny Gallo (the second Ricochet) broke into a laboratory. She thought he was the first one, with whom she had teamed up with, and attacked him. Despite her skills, Johnny managed to knock her out with a cunningly thrown disc.


    Delilah was created by Tom DeFalco and Mark Bagley in 1996 and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man # 414 released in 1996.

    Powers and Abilities

    Delilah possesses super human strength. She is able to lift an approximate 10 tons. Delilah also possesses super human levels of durability, able to withstand blows form beings as powerful as Spider-man. She has displayed a mild healing factor as well. Delilah is well accustomed with weapons and accessories, often carrying energy blasters and knives. She is an expert and skilled fighter. As an assassin, she has various skills related to that profession.


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