Delia Surridge

    Character » Delia Surridge appears in 12 issues.

    A scientist and pathologist who once worked at the Larkhill concentration camp

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    Little is known about Delia Surridge. A doctor and scientist, she was allowed to perform unethical research experiments on the residents at the concentration camp at Larkhill. Though most of her subjects died, one, V, survived, and was able to escape the camp by orchestrating a series of explosions and chemical attacks. Leaving research behind after this traumatic incident, Surridge found work as a pathologist for the Nose.


    Delia Surridge was created by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. She made her first appearance in Warrior #8.

    Major Story Arcs

    V for Vendetta

    Dr Surridge is consulted by Eric Finch about one of the victims of the terrorist V. He gives her a rose that she recognizes from her time at Larkhill, making her aware that she will soon be targeted by V. She is awoken from sleep soon after by V's arrival. Deeply remorseful for her actions at Larkhill, she apologizes to him. Due to her remorse, he kills her with a painless lethal injection.

    Powers and Abilities

    Delia Surridge has no superhuman powers or abilities. She is a very skilled and intelligent doctor and scientist.

    Other Media

    V for Vendetta

    Delia Surridge appears in this adaptation of the comic. She is portrayed by Sinéad Cusack.


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