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    Delgado was one of the original Acolytes. He died when Asteroid M crashed.

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    Origin and history

    Delgado (Marco Delgado) was at times, targeted by his fellow Acolytes that were able to manipulate the abilities of their fellow brethren to strengthen Delgado's powers.  Delgado died in the Asteroid M crash, along with many others.  


    Delgado was created by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee in 1991 and first appeared in X-Men # 1.  


    Delgado returned to life via Selene's mystical powers and Eli Bard's control over the Transmode virus in Selene's attempt to seek revenge on the X-Men for standing in her way of her becoming a goddess.  
    Alongside fellow revived Acolytes Seamus Mellencamp and Fabian Cortez , Delgado attacked X-Men's student Loa, demanding to know the whereabouts of their former leader (and current X-Man) Magneto.  
    Deadpool, who had invited himself to stay on the mutant island of Utopia, heard Loa's cries and came to her aid.  Remembering Cyclops rule of "no killing", Deadpool threw Loa at the Acolytes, who were disintegrated via her ability to "swim" through solid matter.  While most revived mutants were unable to be killed, it is not known if Delgado and the Acolytes were able to recover from Deadpool and Loa's assault.

    Powers and Abilities

    Delgado has the mutant ability to grow in size, strength and stamina. The upper limits of the size that he could attain and the strength that he could wield were never ascertained. Delgado drew the extra mass that he gained upon using his power from a presumably extradimensional source.

    Alternate Versions


     Following Blink
     Following Blink

    Here he was one of Apocolypse's infinites and Delgado was also a prelate. In this reality he had a major and drastic physical change as now he had been genetically engineered to have rock cover his entire body. Besides he had burn touch. He died when Blink closed the portal that he had passed from Seattle to x-men headquarters.


    Other media

    X-Men The Animated Series

    Delgado is shown as a prominent member of the Acolytes in the two part story episode Sanctuary.

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