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Early Life of Delenn

Raised on Minbar, Delenn was born in two the religious caste. The religious castes are one of the 3 castes that the Minbari people have. The other castes are Warrior and Worker. Delenn was a back up aid (like a vice president) for one of the grey council who are called Satai. The 9 Satai make up the whole of the Grey Council and together they lead all of Minbar.

Becoming Satai and War

At the same time of Delenn’s role as aid, the people of earth were growing more technologically advanced and beginning to branch out to explore more of (to them) uncharted space. The Minbari were a very private people who stayed out of the way of the other races of the universe.  So the Earth Force ship Prometheus saw a Minbari ship for the first time and it promptly opened its gun port doors the Prometheus took it as a sign of war and fired upon the ship. In reality, the Minbari ship’s act of showing its guns was a sign of peaceful greeting.

From the Earth Force ship’s shots, the Satai that Delenn was aid to, Dukhat was killed. With Dukhat dead that left the Grey Council to tell Delenn to step in Dukhat shoes. Delenn now becomes an official member of the Grey council.

After becoming Satai Delenn is faced with the immediate decision of what to do regarding the Humans who attacked. Immediately after the attack the council takes a vote whether to go to war with the humans. The council is tied 4 to 4, Delenn becomes the tie breaker. Still mourning the loss of her mentor Dukhat and enraged with the humans Delenn votes for war.

This war that Delenn votes for becomes known as the Earth Minbari war and it leads to the near extinction of the human race. The war was easily dominated by the Minbari who won every battle save for one, the Destruction of The Black Star by John Sheridan. Earth, knowing that the Minbari were nearing earth and would destroy it when there gathered all their ships just outside of Earth’s space. This became known as the battle of the line. Just as the Minbari come close to Earth the Minbari surrendered. Though kept a secret from the humans, Delenn finds out from a captured Earth force member Jeffery Sinclair, that humans now hold inside them what Minbari hold most dear-Minbari souls. Delenn and the rest of the council stop the war for this reason. Feeling guilty, Delenn’s life as a diplomat, she reveals once, is to atone for what she ordered in war with the human race.

Ambassador on Babylon 5 –Year One and Two

Babylon 5 was built to be a place for political discussion to avoid another war such as the Earth/Minbari one. Delenn pushes heavily for its creation, and after 4 failed tries the station is built.   On the station Delenn receives an aid from her home world named Lenier. He at first calls her by her title Satai and refuses to look her in the face as an acolyte to Satai is supposed to. Delenn tells him “How can I have an aid that will not look up.” She also tells him to not address her by her title of Satai because she does not want the others to know her true powerful rank.

Delenn soon becomes by the end of her first year one of the most well liked members of the station, befriended by people like G’Kar, and Londo. She becomes very close to Jeffery Sinclair who does not remember his first meeting with Delenn, and who was picked by Delenn to run the station in its first year.

Convinced that she is part of a prophecy centuries old, Delenn uses a device called a triluminary to build an odd cocoon for herself. Inside this cocoon she begins to transform. When she emerges she appears to be half Human half Minbari. This is part of an effort to bring the two races closer together.   The Minbari do not take this change well, now considering her to be a freak. One very powerful member of the Warrior caste named Neroon. Likewise the Humans take the change with trepidation. Delenn has trouble with human troubles and rituals at first. One for instance being hair, which she did not understand initially had to be washed with human shampoo and combed regularly. She uses Minbari cleansing chemicals which only fry out and tangle her hair more. Thanks to her friend and Earth Force officer Susan Ivanova she gets her hair untangled and is taught how to properly care for it.

After a year Sinclair is replaced with John Sheridan who she first sees with trepidation for being the man who destroyed the Black Star. Soon she realizes that there is more to him than a war hero and that he is a competent leader and all around good and compassionate man. Through meetings and eventually dates, they begin to explore their very present chemistry. Love soon blossoms between the two. This is kept quite by the both of them for as long as possible.

When discovered, the other humans fear that Sheridan has been “turned” to the other side and is no longer loyal to earth. Delenn also faces trouble for her love for Sheridan.   When the Warrior caste members of the Grey council finds out about the relationship they question her loyalty and puts a major strain upon the relations between the warrior and religious castes.

Delenn brings back the Rangers/Shadow War

During this time of Delenn’s life an old evil enemy was rearing its head. The Arch enemy of the Vorlons, the Shadows began to rise again after being defeated back by the Vorlons years ago.   Delenn learns that the Shadows evil head is rearing again and starts plans to defend the other peoples of the universe.

To prepare for the upcoming troubles everyone will face she begins to build back up a group called the Ranges. These Rangers are an elite group of Minbari Warriors. They were once used by Valen (the Greatest Minbari of all time, whom the Minbari people hold as a religious figure) and before this for the most part had stayed quiet and in few numbers.

The return of the Rangers (and her intent to lead them) angers the great warrior Neroon more. He soon reaches his breaking point with her, and plots to end her life. He is stopped by a human Ranger named Marcus Cole, who almost dies defending her. This apparent level of commitment to Delenn make Neroon back off and spare his life. He also realizes and informs Delenn that he will let her be the leader of the Randers without as much resistance from him. And so at this point in her life Delenn becomes leader of the Rangers, carrying the mantle of Entil’zha.

The shadow war begins just at the same time as the Babylon 5 Earth Force officers break away from earth and declare independence. After a very intense battle with Earth Force, who sends troops in to retake the station, Delenn arrives at the station at just the last moment to save the station with Minbari battleships. This move endears her to the crew and everyday residents of Babylon 5 who cheer her return after she re-boards the station following the battle.

During the war with the shadow Delenn uses her Rangers to run intelligence on things like the human agents the Shadows use to do their more human dirty work. This work proves to be vital to their cause.

Sheridan and Delenn become closer during this time, and just as they start to think that they should take their relationship to the next level Sheridan’s wife appears to have risen from the grave, showing up at the door to his quarters answered by Delenn. Anna Sheridan begs John to go with her to the Shadows home world so that all can be explained to him and supposedly war can be avoided. He agrees to Delenn’s dismay. When Sheridan is there he realizes that do not want peace, only to get him on their side so the Shadows may win more easily. He enters a code remotely crashing his heavily weapon ship into the planet and jumping from a cliff.  This explosion from Sheridan’s ship destroys the majority of the Shadows and soon the remaining Shadows who have sought refuge with allies like the Minbari are destroyed.

Post Shadow War

Delenn soon catches wind of what happened at the shadow home world and mourns the loss of her true love. She vows to carry on.  Soon though, Sheridan returns out of nowhere during party celebrating victory. He comes back with some catches though. He only has twenty years to live. He explains this to Delenn who say they will make the most of the time they have together and tells him she loves him. He then asks her to marry her, she promptly accepts. Soon they are married.

Delenn is still worried after the war about the condition the Grey Council is in. She along with Neroon (who is in his final moments after defending her life) gets power back. After regaining power she then turns it right back over to the Worker caste of Minbari and tells them that they should be the rightful majority of the group.

 Delenn with Sheridan spends another year aboard the station, and the move to Minbar. By this time Sheridan has become president of a new Interstellar Alliance, and Delenn continues her position of Entil’zha.

Delenn and Sheridan eventually swap jobs soon, with Sheridan leading the Rangers and Delenn becoming president of the Interstellar Alliance.

After 20 years together, and one son named David, Sheridan’s time is up and he travels to the edges of known space to be taken to a new level of existence.   Delenn is crushed by his “death” and spends the rest of her life dealing with her loss. Delenn lives an extremely long time and she is seen in the year 2362 defending Sheridan after political pundits are reflecting upon him in a negative light. Exactly how long she lives with after this is unknown.


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