Dejah and the Blades

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A long time ago I noticed how the artist of for Demon Knights was very keen on drawing intricate looking swords.  Generally I don't write about art very much because I am not much of an expert when it comes to art, but then I noticed something which reminded me of this older blog which I had written.  As those who know me know by now (or even those that read my last blog) I have been reading Dejah Thoris from Dynamite for the past year.  The stories have been generally pretty fun yet one thing has never really carried over, and that is the connection between the covers and the inside content (though this is not a new thing for me as I am a fan of Grimm Fairy Tales.)  The key theme for the covers is the presentation of Dejah Thoris, who true to her roots as a pulp heroine is drawn in the manner of a pin-up as well.  One thing which is a bit of a disconnect though is that she is often shown with knives or daggers (I made a list to check this - between main and alternate covers she is shown with these more than half of the time).  Previously as a I mentioned with Diogenes Neves he seems to like to draw intricate swords.  In the case of the Dejah Thoris, it is cover artist Fabiano Neves (I have no idea - are they related?) and he draws Dejah with the blades.  This is a carry over from other covers though, as he has not drawn all of the covers in the series and the earlier covers also featured a similar theme.  In this case it would seem as opposed to the preference of the artist that the character herself leads to the inclusion of blades, which are generally not as detailed as the ones which the other Neves used.  That is to say that the artist does not always determine the content of artwork based on their own preferences, but also go with perceptions of what the characters are even if these are not very accurate (Dejah has almost never used knives of daggers in the series.) 

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