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Generally speaking I only read the Dejah Thoris stories from the series that focuses directly on her, though I do occasionally delve into some which come from elsewhere.  This is such a case as it deals with Dejah after she has met Carter and after a peace accord with the Tharks.  The last such series which I read was also a miniseries and was quite fun when she was forced to battle the White Apes of Mars.  This time she has a different colour of peril to deal with and under distinctly different circumstances.  This time she does not walk into her own problems rather she is taken there against her will.  The introduction to the new story line is actually not too different from one which was in the Dejah Thoris series, but for those who have read that, it still feels like there are enough differences here to make this work as a standalone.  At the least it is a decent lead-in to the series and I plan to check out the others after reading this one.  

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    The bad that I saw was that the coloring sometimes had earth human tint. I didn't like that because Martians are red. Its what seperates a scantily clad girl from a scifi almost naked red girl. I do say sometimes, because the tint fades in and out. The writing and story are pretty solid. It deals with races trying to mix (reminded me much of our own issues with race here on earth) except with a scifi twist. It has many elements of what I find to be classic literature. It reads like the setup to ...

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