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    A handsome male member of the Akatsuki. His ring is the "Seiryu", Azure Dragon, which is worn on his right index finger. He is a master of his "art" (explosive clay). Itachi forced him to join Akatsuki. He was partnered with Sasori. After Sasori's death, Deidara was partnered with his replacement Tobi.

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    Deidara has slanted blue eyes and very long blond hair which he wore drawn into a half ponytail. The bang hanging over his left eye is what concealed his scope signifying that he was a long-range fighter, but, it was not permanently attached to his face. He also had mouths in each of the palms of his hands for shaping his clay and under his cloak he wore a utility belt with two bags where he carried all of his clay. On his chest he had a large, stitched-up mouth for setting off his self-destruct technique.


    Quick to be angered and easily annoyed, Deidara was very hot-headed and often tended to overreact to certain things. Something of a sadistic arsonist rather, he was not above enjoying a good fight, and he often blew up his opponents in a very brutal fashion. Deidara's most distinctive trait, however, was his love of art. He would respect any form of it, even if it disagreed with his own.


    Even during his days as a shinobi in his home town of, Deidara garnered high praise for his clay sculptures. However, he still desired to reach even greater heights. At first, he simply focused on creating more and more works, but before long, he started craving a kinjutsu that was passed down in Iwagakure that allowed people to knead clay with mouths in their hands. He violated the law and stole the technique, causing him to be pursued. However, as the Exploding Clay he had used for the first time detonated and took down his pursuers, he saw the art he had desired: the Art of a Single Moment (一瞬の芸術, Shunshin no Geijutsu). Whenever he detonates his Exploding Clay, he recalls the process that allowed him to reach this art.After he fled his village and became a missing-nin, he started helping insurgents in various countries as a terrorist bomber.

    Traveling with his partner.
    Traveling with his partner.

    The earliest that we know of Deidara, he is inside a temple, being confronted by Kisame Hoshigaki, Itachi Uchiha, and Sasori. He was a bomber for hire, and his actions alerted the criminal organization Akatsuki of his powers and talents. When Itachi confronted him, he told Deidara that if he could win in a fight against him, he would be allowed to leave free, but if he lost, he would have to join their group. Deidara was confident that he would win, due to having "the perfect art". He sent a bomb straight at Itachi, who dodged, but Deidara was able to capture him with a centipede made of clay. Before Deidara could detonate it though, Itachi told him to stop and take a closer look at himself. Deidara had actually been in Itachi's Genjutsu since before the fight started, and the clay centipede had coiled around himself instead. Deidara began hating the Sharingan eyes from that day onward.

    Deidara was then partnered with Sasori, formerly of the Sand Village, who he referred to as Sasori no Danna (Master Sasori). The two often argued about their views of art and which one was superior/more correct. Deidara, who made exploding works of clay, believed that art was free flowing, and quickly departing, while Sasori, who made long-lasting puppets out of humans, believed that art was strong and something left for future generations.

    Kazekage Rescue Arc

    Deidara, with Sasori, traveled to Sunagakure to capture Gaara and extract the Shukaku within him. Although he attempted a stealthy infiltration of the village, Deidara was quickly found and confronted by Gaara, who launched an offensive against him. In the ensuing battle, Deidara's left arm was crushed, but he was still able to claim victory by mixing some of his clay into Gaara's sand, causing Gaara's own weapon to backfire. With Gaara captured, Deidara and Sasori convened with the rest of Akatsuki to extract Shukaku.

    Deidara against Gaara.
    Deidara against Gaara.

    When Team Kakashi arrived at their location, Deidara was hoping to capture his second tailed beast. So to enrage Naruto Uzumaki (the container of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox), he sat on Gaara's corpse while waiting for the team, to further anger him. This strategy worked, and Naruto's fox energy began to emerge, and he was dead set on tailing Deidara after he left the cavern to fly away. Deidara took advantage of this, and took Gaara's body to lead away Kakashi Hatake and Naruto, leaving Sasori to deal with Sakura Haruno and Chiyo. Deidara notices that Naruto was an extraordinary jinchūriki and felt more interested in fighting him. He tries to separate Naruto from Kakashi so he could fight Naruto and capture him without having to worry about the troublesome Kakashi. Kakashi used his new Sharingan ability, Kamui, to sever Deidara's other arm during the pursuit, giving Naruto a chance to punch him off his clay bird and retrieve Gaara. Handicapped and outnumbered, Deidara used a Suicide Bombing Clone to escape. Finding out Sasori died during his battle, Deidara went looking for his arm, in order to get back his Akatsuki ring. He found it in the possession of Zetsu and Tobi. At some point, his arms were reattached by fellow Akatsuki member Kakuzu.

    Deidara then became Tobi's partner after Sasori's death, and was able to have both of his arms sewn back on by Kakuzu so he could perform his jutsu again. He and Tobi were sent to retrieve the Three-Tailed demon, Isobu.

    Three-Tails Arc

    In the anime, he and his new partner set out on their next mission to capture the Three-Tailed Giant Turtle. Along the way, they took a break at a nearby dango shop. Deidara also showed an interest in what Tobi looked like behind his mask, only for him to be tricked by Tobi to look away for a moment. They split up afterward to seek out the beast.

    Later, Deidara sneaked up behind two ANBU Black Ops, who were making a report of the Three Tails. Tobi congratulated Deidara, and they headed for the lake. Deidara commented that, since Tobi was a part of Akatsuki, he should be able to capture the beast himself. Tobi ran as it was chasing him, but got tangled up with the three tails. Deidara sent an exploding clay into the lake and it detonated, allowing Tobi to capture it. As they both took the Three-Tails away, Tobi fell asleep while Deidara was talking, which Deidara responded to by exploding more clay next to him.

    Hunt for Itachi Arc

    Deidara later found out that Sasuke Uchiha had defeated Orochimaru and became irked, since he was supposed to be the one to kill him. Despite Tobi's protests, he chose to go after Sasuke for stealing his kill. After they located him, Tobi distracted Sasuke while Deidara tried to bombard him from above, but Sasuke shielded himself with a snak summon. Sasuke then rushed at Deidara, but he was able to escape by jumping back into a tree. Tobi once again tried to convince Deidara not to fight the Uchiha but he wouldn't listen. Deidara decided to throw clay bombs at Sasuke but some landed near Tobi as well and he begged Deidara not to detonate them. Deidara was then alerted of Sasuke's sneak attack and managed to throw a bomb between the two of them, allowing himself to escape again.

    Deidara then decides to use C2 Dragon, one of his signature pieces and strategies. He creates a giant clay dragon that spat out many C1 clay mines and told Tobi to bury them underground. He then took to the skies and bombarded Sasuke with C1 missiles, keeping him on the move and defensive. Sasuke couldn't move anymore as the battle ground was surrounded with bombs and eventually his Curse Seal LV 2's left wing was blasted off in an explosion as he tried to use them as a shield. Using a new strategy, he threw two giant shuriken at Deidara but they missed. In that time, he then struck his sword in the ground and jumped off it to attack Deidara in the sky, cutting off the dragon's wing with his Chidori Sword just as the giant shuriken circled back and pinned Deidara to the dragon, now falling to the ground and on top of the mines.

    Deidara preparing his C4 technique.
    Deidara preparing his C4 technique.

    Sasuke used Hidden Shadow Snakes to bungee himself out of the way as the dragon exploded, but Deidara escaped riding on a C1 bird. He retaliated by using C4 Karura and told Tobi to run as he vomits from his mouth a giant clay version of himself. When Sasuke begins to flee through the trees, Deidara only laughs and the clay clone begins to expand and explode with nothing coming out, making Sasuke curious at the occurrence. Deidara shouted that he had won as Sasuke began to dissolve. The C4 attack was actually used to put millions of microscopic bombs into the air, and anything that inhaled it would be destroyed from the inside out. Deidara then closed his right eye and opened his left before shouting to the sky his art's superiority.

    Suddenly, Sasuke appeared behind Deidara in his second curse mark form and proceeded to impale Deidara with his Chidori. Sasuke then reveals that he was able to see the chakra in the explosion and fly out of range, using a Genjutsu to trick him. Deidara then appears underneath Sasuke, grabbing his legs as the impaled Deidara turns out to be a clay clone and also a trap. Deidara then reveals that he has trained his left eye to see through genjutsu ever since his first encounter with Itachi and that he had seen through Sasuke's. He then does another smaller C4, trapping Sasuke inside to breathe the microscopic clay bombs. Sasuke escapes with a Chidori and tries to attack Deidara in the air as they fall, but dissolves. Deidara begins to celebrate until Sasuke appears behind him again, striking him. Sasuke had actually discovered that he could neutralize the bombs with Chidori early on in the fight, angering Deidara immensely. Deidara then, as a last ditch attempt to win, reveals a mouth on his chest he uses to self-destruct, creating a six kilometer blast radius in hopes of taking Sasuke out with him. Deidara's final effort failed though and Sasuke survived the explosion.

    Life After Death

    Kabuto Yakushi later resurrected Deidara to be used in the Fourth Great Shinobi War, and had him fly out to capture Naruto and Killer Bee. As they closed in, they are intercepted by Onoki whom ambushed Kabuto and punches a hole in Kabuto's chest, but it turns out to be Deidara's clay clone which explodes. However it wasn't the real Onoki either, it was an Earth Clone made by Akatsuchi. While they're engaged, Kabuto reveals that he has made a bigger, more powerful clone of Manda which finds and attacks the island turtle. Kabuto went off to find Naruto and Killer Bee while Deidara kept the others busy, but Kurotsuchi chased after Kabuto. Onoki prepared to use an immensely powerful Dust release jutsu against Deidara, but is stopped by Akatsuchi whom reminds Onoki that he'd kill the island turtle as well. Deidara takes the opportunity to attack with a clay bomb, but Akatsuchi blocks it with one of his stone golems. Onoki and Deidara then engage in an aerial battle, one which Akatsuchi cannot keep up with, and Onoki comments on how he always hated how Deidara would sneak off and attack. Once they're far enough away, Onoki attempts to use his jutsu again, but Deidara is summoned away after Kabuto escapes.

    Racing Onoki through the sky.
    Racing Onoki through the sky.

    Kabuto then resurrected Sasori, Shin, and Chukichi as well to be used as an ambush squad along with Deidara and sent them out ahead as the war started. They attacked Anko's squad that they caught lurking around Madara's lair and Sasori took control of them as his living puppets, including an Aburame clan member. They then encountered the alliance's ambush squad composed of Kankuro, Omoi, Sai, Ittan, Tango, Saji, Hoheto Hyuga, and Kiri. Sasori sent in the Aburame to get the drop on the squad, using his insects to jam their sensors. Saji went to help him but he told Saji to get away, it was revealed that Deidara hid his exploding clay with the Aburame and detonated it, Kankuro managed to save Saji but not the Aburame and Ittan used an Earth jutsu to protect everyone. Sasori had the sent in the other living puppets and Omoi fought them off. Shin attacked, but Sai pounced on him and broke his neck, but it couldn't kill the undead Shin and Deidara gloated that they are unkillable.

    Shin and Sai fought while Omoi went after Deidara. Sasori used his living puppets to attack Omoi, but he cut Sasori's chakra strings and Kankuro used his chakra strings to snare Sasori's and pull him out of his hiding place and landed on Deidara. Kankuro then revealed that he's using Sasori's old body and Sasori took control of Shin and sent him to attack, Omoi jumped in to help but Sasori pulled Shin away and Deidara was going to activate his bomb that he put inside of Shin, but Kankuro contained Shin inside his Salamander puppet; but it was destroyed and Shin regenerated. After Deidara mocked Sai's art, Sai used his 3D drawings to attack Sasori and Deidara from behind and sent them flying, Kankuro revealed two Black Ants and two Crows to trap them and impale them. Deidara was going to blow his way out, but Omoi stabbed him with his lightning-infused sword to stop him. As this was happening, Shin's encounter with Sai put his soul to rest and he crumbled. Kankuro then started talking to Sasori about his puppets eventually Sasori tell Kankuro that he wants he wants him to pass his mother and father puppets on too the next generation dies and Deidara is screaming for Sasori not to go away. He is still trapped in Kankuro's puppet constantly cursing at them to let him go or how they will lose the war.


    When news of Deidara's death reaches the rest of Akatsuki, Pain comments that his loss is a huge blow to the organization. He instructs the other members to mourn his death.

    Despite Iwagakure ridiculing his artistic values and his subsequent defection from the village, Deidara has earned some respect from certain high-ranking villagers, as Kurotsuchi called him "Deidara-nii" (an honorific meaning "big brother", either as family or a sign of respect), and wished to fight the person who defeated him: Sasuke Uchiha. The Third Tsuchikage also seemed displeased that someone like Sasuke could defeat Deidara.


    Deidara's main ability is the animation of his clay. He can form his clay into any shape he wants by use of the mouths that are placed in the palms of his hands. This clay is also explosive, able to deal massive damage. With his clay he is able to create constructs in the shape of animals. One of these is a flying clay bird which he uses to travel by flying him around. One of his more powerful techniques is a huge clay dragon that can create flying explosive missiles and landmines which with help he can use to cover a battle field.

    One of Deidara's clay pieces.
    One of Deidara's clay pieces.

    Another powerful technique is the creation of microscopic bombs that can enter an enemy and destroy him from the inside. They can travel through the air and surround a battle field effectively destroying anything within a certain radius.

    Diedara's most powerful attack is a self destructive ability where he puts his explosive clay in the third mouth in his chest which creates a powerful explosive that destroys everything within 10 kilometers.

    He also has a scope which is covered up by hair it allows him to negate genjutsu and see people or targets from far away. This also shows that he is a range fighter. It is removable but he rarely removes it in the manga or anime.

    Different Techniques

    • C0
    • C1
    • C2
    • C3
    • C4
    • Clay Clone
    • Earth Release: Hide Like A Mole Technique
    • Exploding Clay
    • Exploding Clay Minions


    Based off of Third Data Book:

    Ninjutsu/ 5



    Intelligence/ 4.5


    Speed/ 4.5


    Hand seals/3.5



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