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Defiler came to earth and took the form of a human heavy metal rock star. It created a band known as Corruption of Innocence in order to give it a steady supply of followers and victims. Wonder Man encountered and saved one teen from it, although his girlfriend Susan was cast into the portal and the Defiler escaped.

Wonder Man summoned the rest of the West Coast Avengers, and they tracked the Defiler to a large concert, where it was sucking the crowd into its dimension. The West Coast Avengers were forced to tunnel under its powerful force field before they could stop the flow of victims. Mikey then helped Dr.Pym open the portal and, using Iron Man as an anchor to hold the portal open and provide a lifeline, they retrieved the victims and returned them to Earth. Its power rapidly dwindling, the Defiler attempted to flee to another realm to start over, but Wonder Man hurled it into its own energy draining realm, where it was trapped.

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