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The Hulk, Namor, Silver Surfer, Dr. Strange,all in one book! Pluto is going to use the power of Valkyrie to resurrect an army of the dead and overrun the Earth, that is, unless Nighthawk and Hellcat can stop him!

Detailed Summary

We learn that months ago, Pluto visited Lorelei to ask for a favor. He wanted her to create a Valkyrie from a human, just as her sister the Enchantress had done years before. She agreed, in return for a share of the spoils from his plan.

Back in the present, Pluto employs this Valkyrie (Samantha Parrington) to raise the dead so that he can create a hell on Earth, which will allow him to have a mortal kingdom in addition to his kingdom in Hades. The Defenders watch in horror as they continue to be trapped in a magic pillar.

The rest of the Defenders suddenly appear, however, and free their friends. The original Valkyrie is among them. The two Valkyries battle, and the rest of the Defenders fight Pluto and the army of the undead.

It turns out that the "original" Valkyrie who just showed up with the Defenders was actually Lorelei, whom Pluto tricked after getting her to make the Parrington version. He turned Lorelei into a Valkyrie herself. Lorelei manages to absorb enough magic from Parrington to turn herself back to normal, and battles Pluto. Parrington manages to start to free herself from Pluto's spell now that he can't focus on her.

Meanwhile, the Defenders decide to destroy the temple that Pluto has been using for his magic--except after they do so, they find out that it was actually holding back the power of hell, and now all hell breaks loose!

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