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Prepare to Fight the Impossible

The Hulk recruits Dr Strange and a rag tag team of heroes to destory Nul the Breaker of Worlds, in the aftermath of Fear Itself. The team Includes Namor, Iron Fist and She-Hulk. Very quickly events take a turn for the worse. With a surprise appearance opposing them.


The setup for this book is great, having them hunt down the Breaker of Worlds is a good setup for a team led by Dr Strange. Each member has their own introduction and is a good setup for their personality and their current circumstances, giving insight into their own current events. There is some very charismatic artwork and some very intricate scenes in places, overall very good art. The interactions between characters a snappy and fun. It gives the book a very light feel and a good contrast to the dread of the villain they face.


There are Spoilers for Mighty Thor ahead, don’t read if you don’t want to know.

I have a slight issue with this book, one of continuity. So the Silver Surfer is part of this team, who was deeply involved in the Galactus Seed storyline in Mighty Thor. At the conclusion of this story he agrees to stay in Broxton to make sure no one takes the Seed, while Galactus takes a new herald. Galactus states that the further he strays from Broxton the weaker he’ll become. This story as far as I know ended just before Fear Itself happened. So it leads me to question how the Surfer can be in the Cantabrian Mountains, which is in Spain, surely he would be severely weakened, yet we see him at full power. The confusion is cemented as we see the Surfer de-powered in Mighty Thor #8, and Hulk stating he is asking Strange to find Nul before he goes into hiding in Incredible Hulk #1. How can he be in the team, surely his responsibilities with the Seed, and he’s tethering to Broxton prevent this.

It’s a minor error in continuity that I have gone to long lengths to describe. But It is a weird error as Matt Fraction writes both books so I would have thought he could have forseen it, or not be bothered by it I guess.


Minor Continuity weirdness aside I enjoyed this issue. I enjoy Fraction’s characterisation of Dr Strange, and it’s good to see him in comics again, the assembled team is good but there doesn’t appear to be specific reasons for some of the character aside from pure practical reasons such as using Iron Fist’s jet. Overall a good issue and a good start to this new book.

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