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The Impossible Is Here!


I really enjoyed this issue. I thought it was great how each new main character was introduced - each with their name in the font we recognize from their respective series. The narration style each character takes, each in a specific color thought square, was a nice touch as well. Though at times "cheesy", it was nice to feel like the characters were breaking through the fourth wall.

Art - I liked the art. It was interesting to see all these characters drawn in the same way, with the same style - especially when I have gotten used to them looking a different way in other series. The covers are nice, though the variants are nicest.

Writing - The writing was good. I liked the story telling mixed with live action dialog. The introduction of each character was handled well and felt mostly organic (not forced). This portion of the arc felt long enough that I didn't feel cheated and it ended with a pretty nice cliffhanger. I have a feeling that it will leave you satisfied, but at the same time wondering what's next.


I was a bit confused by the Silver Surfer's introduction. I couldn't quite tell if it was in continuity with his Mighty Thor appearances. I could only guess that it does. Later in the issue, he does appear similar to how he appears in the Thor issues, but nothing is specifically stated. Either way, it does not distract from the issue. This was really the only thing that struck me as odd while reading the issue. The only other thing I would have asked for: more Hulk.


I highly recommend this issue. You may hesitant because this issue has "Fraction" written on the cover, but I believe you will be pleasantly surprised. Yes, I am telling you, the impossible may just be closer than you think...

I happen to like comics for their cover first, then their story. I realize this is probably backwards, but I do sometimes still judge a book by its cover. This time, I judged the book by its variant cover(s). That said, you may not want to invest in the different variant covers, but at least pick up the non-variant copy. I have to admit though, I like 1B and 1C variant covers better than 1A - but I am in collector mode, so I will be getting one of each.

On to the story - I realize that I have included most of the details of the issue in the spoiler block within the issue details, but it pales in comparison to the issue's art and writing. My devotion to the content for this issue should at least prove my conviction.Get your hands on this issue.

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