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The Impossible Is Here! 0

THE GOODI really enjoyed this issue. I thought it was great how each new main character was introduced - each with their name in the font we recognize from their respective series. The narration style each character takes, each in a specific color thought square, was a nice touch as well. Though at times "cheesy", it was nice to feel like the characters were breaking through the fourth wall.Art - I liked the art. It was interesting to see all these characters drawn in the same way, with the same...

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Quick Team To the Twilight Zone 0

This book knows what it is and knows where it's going. It's hard to get a good feel for something by the first issue but I find this book almost philosophical. The team is going up against the impossible and the improbable, that's what there mission statement is, and that blows the door wide open. You have a heavy hitter who is full of hate you have Namor, who has been described as "The Water One", a man whose roots are in the art of fighting and a shimmering hippie on a surf board. His most ama...

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The Defenders # 1 0

Matt Fraction has created a new Defenders which involves The Hulk in a dilemma that Doctor Strange has to fix. Now seeing that Doctor Strange assembles a team. I still not sure how The Silver Surfer is phoned by Doctor Strange, however he is a master in the mystic arts so that’s more than likely how. I still don’t understand fully the dire situation that has evolved in somewhat a crisis. This books seems real secretive and not really a jaw dropping book like the previous Defender books when i wa...

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Who will defend me against this writing!? 1

The Defenders #1 is your basic team book start-up. A threat is brought to the attention of one of the team members (in this case, Dr. Strange) and it is up to him to collect a rag-tag bunch of misfits to put a stop to it. Sort of the Marvel B-team, I wasn't sure what to expect from this book going in and I'm not quite sure I liked what I got.The Good1)The story moves a long at a brisk pace. This isn't like the current JLA series where we're 3 issues in and still we don't have the team all put to...

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Defenders of the Impossible 0

This is a video review for the Defenders issue 1. The story is about Dr. Strange, Red She Hulk, Namor, Iron Fist, and Silver Surfer creating a team to defeat the impossible....

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Is Danny Rand Supposed to be a Young Richard Branson Now? 0

A solid but unremarkable new team book, Defenders puts together a pretty good lineup but lacks anything special that distinguishes it. Matt Fraction sticks to the standard first issue formula, giving us a vaguely powerful threat and a series of scenes recruiting each member of the new team. It does the job it needs to do but little else.Nul, Breaker of Worlds, makes his quick return as the threat that brings the Defenders together. How? I'm honestly not clear. I did read Fear Itself, but it seem...

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This is even more awesome than I thought it'd be 0

I have no other experience with Matt Fraction other than Marvel Point One so I had no idea what I was getting into. I decided to pick up this issue because it has Namor in it and because it supposedly has something to do with a secret at the Heart of the Marvel Universe.But it will go on my pull list because I love pretty much everything about this issue.I love that there are strange notes at the bottom of each of the pages. I like the opening scene with Dr Strange. I LOVE the dialog. And I love...

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Defenders Assemble! 0

And the fallout from Fear Itself continues! The big difference this time is that it didn’t annoy the hell out of me to read it! Since I have barely recovered from a nasty bout of Crossover Fatigue I am not really looking to keep reading about this storyline anymore then I have to. In fact, I almost didn’t even buy this comic since there isn’t even anyone in it that I regularly read (I mean at least Secret Avengers has Beast), but after reading Marvel Point One and all the promo information that’...

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The weirdest team people claim it to be....not bad I say 0

To be honest I’ve never read anything related to the defenders, and I got to say. This is a good start as all the required things to make a issue 1 for a team book are all here and I hope it gets better.The issue starts with Nul the breaker of worlds terrorizing a city as his influence is causing great damage just by being there. As the issue progresses even if you haven’t read fear itself the explanation of him isn’t that clear but makes sense for new readers by claiming is the hulk of the hulk...

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Prepare to Fight the Impossible 0

The Hulk recruits Dr Strange and a rag tag team of heroes to destory Nul the Breaker of Worlds, in the aftermath of Fear Itself. The team Includes Namor, Iron Fist and She-Hulk. Very quickly events take a turn for the worse. With a surprise appearance opposing them.GoodThe setup for this book is great, having them hunt down the Breaker of Worlds is a good setup for a team led by Dr Strange. Each member has their own introduction and is a good setup for their personality and their current circums...

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Do NOT... DEFEND this book... 0

When I was pre-ordering comics, I saw the title 'Defenders' and team and was immediately sold. Seeing Fraction attached as the writer worried me, he's one writer that I don't care to know for some reason. I don't think I own anything else he's written.When I finished the book I had to look at what people thought of it. I feel like I'm in a nightmare. This comic received good reviews, which makes me wonder why?I'm not engrossed in the story, I'm just reading some guy(Fraction) playing with action...

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A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 0

I enjoyed this first issue of this reboot. I enjoyed the original team, but even if I didn't I would still recommend this for new and existing readers.The introduction to these characters and the the dialogue between the heroes is the best part of the comic. The banter between Namor and the others is especially funny.The ominous bad guy in the midst of all of this is the only thing I didn't like about the comic, but by not means does it make me hate the issue as a whole.Overall, a good comic,esp...

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These Are Not The Characters I Know 0

As of late, I've earnestly began to question just how much I trust Matt Fraction to give us a good story. Yes, Hawkeye is fantastic, but, beyond that, I've had a hard time finding something of his that has resonated with me. So, with this Marvel Digital Flash Sale (all works of Matt Fraction), I thought I'd give The Defenders a go; it's an interesting team and a really cool art style to work with. However, the characterization is so bland and out of character that I could hardly make it through...

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