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    Character » Deep Sight appears in 5 issues.

    After surviving an explosion, the Briton Deep Sight was rebuilt with adamantium cybernetic parts. She is a member of Euroforce.

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    Marvel Italia

    Jane Melville was born in Birmingham, and little is know about her history. She was a good student of biology and infromation technologies, when was hit by an explosion for a terrorist attack. She was saved and rebuild as a cyborg, and became an operative scientis for the european S.H.I.E.L.D. Division, Euromind

    Originally a member of the Eurolab, a scientific "on field" division of the Euromind, under the name of Deep Sight, she is a field scientis but also a frontline fighter in case the Eurolab meet some problem, and the strong arm of the team for equipment and other hard work.

    She use a sort of "formal speaking" and have a cold attitude, even in the middle of the battle or with trusted friend. For example, she usually call her teammate with the title "Agent", such as "Agent Picaro" or "Agent Nuage". It's not know if this attitude came from a strict british education, or is due to her being partially a machine.

    After the disastrous mission in Malaysia of the Task Force, twin-team of the Eurolab, Deep Sight and the new formed team Euroforce [formed by Eurolab and survivor of the Task Force] start to investigate the activities of Nadir Inc. and A.I.M., while Euromind declare outlaw all the member of the team.

    After the event of the "Europa" story-line, Nuage and the whole Euroforce have been declared dead, but continue operating as a Cover Team.

    Inspite being a scientist, in mission, she usually prefer a direct approach to any problem, always showing no fear and high self confidence.

    All-New Marvel Now

    Deep Sight dosen't appear within the second line-up of Euroforce. Her current whereabout is unknown.


    All the right part of Deep Sight body have been substituited with high-tech cyber prosthesis, including her right leg, arm, eye and half of her face. Also all the rest of her body have been enpowered by cyber-technology to allow her to fully move.

    Since all her cyber part are in adamantium, Deep Sight have an incredible resistence to damage and high strength level. Also, her internal computer may easily connect with other computer and elettronic system, and have a set of scanners and other typical cyborg visual/analyzing powers.

    How and why a simple student girl was saved with this type of expending and rare technology remain a mystery.


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