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    Character » Deep Blue appears in 30 issues.

    The daughter of Atlan and Tsunami and the half-sister of Aquaman.

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    The blue skinned aquatic hero believed to be the daughter of Tsunami and Neptune Perkins.


    Deep Blue was created by Peter David and Jim Calafiore. She made her first appearance in Aquaman #23.

    Major Story Arcs

    Aquaman v3

    Sibling to the King of the Seven Seas
    Sibling to the King of the Seven Seas

    Deborah Perkins was believed to be the daughter of Neptune Perkins and Tsunami of the Young All-Stars. She helped Aquaman and an army of various other aquatic heroes defeat the invasion of the Hunter / Gatherers.

    After that she had a meeting with the Neron powered Black Manta while investigating the strange corpse of a gigantic underwater creature, but managed to escape and regroup with Aquaman and the Sea Devils.

    She was later attacked by a being known as Rhombus, claiming to be her father after he had taken human form and seduced her mother. He was defeated by Koryak with help from her parents and Aquaman.

    When she started to become close with Aquaman, Atlan appeared and explained that he was her father and that she is the half-brother of the King.

    Body Doubles

    She was abducted by the Body Doubles at some point, but later freed and returned to living underwater.

    Infinite Crisis

    She took part in the battle of Sub-Diego during Infinite Crisis, where she witnessed King Shark and the Shark slay Neptune Perkins, whom she believed was her father.

    Powers and Abilities

    Underwater Adaptation

    Deep Blue can breath underwater but not on land (although in her appearance in Body Doubles she breathes out of water). She can function normally underwater, withstand the pressures and temperatures of the deep and is able to see at the bottom of the ocean.

    Enhanced Swimming Speed

    She can swim faster than the Sea Devil's special underwater craft.

    Enhanced Strength

    Her enhanced physical attributes also allow her to lift or press considerable more mass than an average woman her age and height would be normally able to. She can do so for several hundred pounds.

    Enhanced Durability

    Another physical attribute is her ability to withstand high levels of of physical harm. Although not invulnerable from sustaining physical damage from a sufficient force. withstand unnaturally high levels of physical harm.

    Enhanced Senses

    She can see, hear and smell at the bottom of the ocean

    Sea Life Control / Transformation

    Deep Blue can evolve any sea creature she touches to a larger more powerful version and has control over them. The distinguishing aspect to this ability is if the creature is sentient enough to resist her control they cannot be manipulated.


    Water Deprivation

    She can breath water but not air.


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