Deena Pilgrim

    Character » Deena Pilgrim appears in 137 issues.

    Deena is a unique detective and a partner of Christian Walker.

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    Deena Pilgrim was an average cop working the beat in the city. After a hold-up incident went somewhat awry during her time with the SWAT Team, she transferred, seeking work with Detective Christian Walker. We first meet her in the Chief's office, anecdotally explaining away the incident with the hold-up, which ends on a particularly humourous note thanks to the sense of humour of one of her colleagues. Paired with Walker before the Kaotic Chic debacle begins with the death of Retro Girl, she proves to be a good detective, discovering the links between Walker and the 'powers' they interview during the case, culminating in her discovery that Walker is former superhero Diamond, having abandoned the career following the apparent loss of his powers. Deena proves instrumental in the Retro Girl case, particularly when their suspect is finally caught and arrested, using her position as a woman to intimidate the murderer. Due to a misunderstanding with Calista, the young girl Walker is saddled with at the beginning of the story, she finds Walker's not knowing 'what a clitoris is' hilarious.

    With the Retro Girl case solved, Deena isn't on hand for the eventful night Walker is forced to spend with Warren Ellis, only serving to mock her partner as she gets to eat pudding and work on her people skills with the aid of an educational cassette. When youngsters cos-playing as superheroes start turning up dead, however, she begins to work closely with Walker to solve the case, which turns out to involve the freakish Pulp, a power who has undergone significant enhancement to gain his abilities. During the case, the tension hits boiling point between the two detectives and Johnny Royale, a crimelord turned club owner who has contacts in the underworld all over the city. When he attempts to leave, via his unique teleportation method, Deena ends up ripping his arm off accidentally. While Walker is solving the Roleplay case, culminating in his defeating the Pulp, Johnny Royale is shot dead, with suspicion naturally pointing at Deena.

    Upon confronting her about this, two cases later, she doesn't even attempt to deny her actions, but doesn't confirm she pulled the trigger, either. Regardless, investigating the death of Olympia, a famous power, the two become embroiled in a world of groupies and seedy, motel-room sex, finding that Olympia has made love to hundreds of similar-looking women. The revelation of this in the news causes his wife to commit suicide, and Pilgrim and Walker investigate the couple's home, finding Olympia's inner sanctum as the case wraps itself up on television.


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