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Dee was a bartender in New Orleans when she met Cassidy. He came in with another young man, this one dressed in a neo-Victorian outfit, cape and all. She suspected there was something strange about him, but she quickly took to the cocky Irishman.

Later, when Cassidy returned to her bar, looking like someone just kicked his puppy, Dee asked if he was doing anything that night. They hit it off immediately, and started going out together. Dee helped Cassidy get through some of his unpleasantness, and they were happy.

That happiness, of course, was not to last.

Their relationship quickly went the way Cassidy's relationships always did - into a spiral of dependence and anger, ending in a violent outburst. Cassidy hit her on the side of the head, bursting her left eyeball. They broke up after that.

Dee wanted revenge. She talked to her friend Janis, whose boyfriend was well-versed in the ways of Voodoo. Janis gave Dee a very simple ritual: fire an empty pistol at a photo of Cassidy, repeating invectives over and over again. "Fuck you, you son of a bitch. I hope you burn in hell." The idea was that the ritual would cause the target's life to go very badly which, in all fairness, was the general inclination of Cassidy's life.

Cassidy came back to New Orleans a few years later, and brought death and chaos in his wake. He visited Dee again, wounded and humbled from his experiences with Les Enfents du Sang. He came to tell her that Janis was dead. Dee threw him out of her apartment, and never saw him again.

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