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Before her career as an aspiring superheroine, Dee was a runaway who rode the rails to get away from her troubles back home. However, she somehow wound up in the middle of a battle between villainous forces and the superpowered policeman, Savage Dragon. After saving her from being killed in the crossfire, Dee finally got the never to stand up for herself, and stop running, something that oddly enough, triggered her superhuman powers. 
Using these new abilities, Dee helped the Dragon to defeat his foe, then disappeared seemingly without a trace. However, Dee would later reappear here and there across the United States, inspired by the Dragon to use her powers for the good of mankind as the superheroine, Dee-Rail, the human locomotive! 
Recently, like a number of heroes from the "Imageverse," Dee has been taking an interest in the increasingly hostile activities of the Bomb Queen, both inside and outside the confines of New Port City, the Queen's domain and a haven for all sorts of vice and villainy. Whilst other heroines have the ability to stop the Queen's activities all across the nation, Dee has used her so-called "weakness" to her advantage to stop shipments of illegal contraband from traveling in and out of New Port City via the railways. 
At one point, however, she and other heroines were forced into working alongside Bomb Queen to stop an epidemic from spreading across the States via cell-phone transmission. Though they managed to locate the culprit, they were ultimately unable to apprehend him, as Bomb Queen had gotten to him first, violating the terms of agreement with the Department of Homeland Security by leaving the city (though the government had no knowledge of this), before dragging him back into her clutches to punish him personally. That being said, the heroines were forced to give up and leave the Queen to her own devices, though they still aren't through with her yet. 

Powers and Abilities: 

A metahuman by nature, Dee-Rail's powers are tied directly to the railways of the world, either by some form of empathy or a strange mystical connection to them that has yet to be explained. That being said, Dee 's abilities are activated only when she is nearby or in direct physical contact with a railroad line. When contact is made, she is immediately at her full potential, and can go into battle at the drop of a hat. However, this limits her greatly, as when she is away from the rails, her powers fade almost instantly, and she has no more strength than that of a woman of her age that engages in regular exercise.
Upon making contact, Dee possesses superhuman strength, presumeably enough to lift/press a locomotive over her head without breaking so much as a sweat. She is also nigh invulnerable as well, able to trade blows with foes the likes of Bomb Queen and even someone like Savage Dragon, though a person of his strength level would ultimately leave her a bit rattled. Her connection to the rails also grants her a limited form of superspeed that, while not on par with heroes that can reach lightspeeds, allows her to surf along the train tracks with incredible quickness. Aside from these "staple" powers, Dee-Rail also possesses another ability unique to her powersource: she is able to manipulate the rails themselves, via telekinesis or magic (we're not yet 100% sure). She also has the ability to sense other trains on the tracks at the moment, and manipulate them as well through simple mental commands, such as willing a bullet train traveling at full speed to ease to a controlled stop. 
Dee-Rail's costume itself is also tied to the railways, being composed of a unique, liquid-metal that can move and conform to her body's shape without hindering her, almost like a second skin. It is possible that, if the suit itself were examined, that it could be reverse engineered to the point where it could be made independant of the tracks, and she could retain a portion of her powers when away from the rails, simply by wearing it.

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