Dee Dee Twins

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    Delia and Deidre Dennis are the Dee Dee Twins, they are members of the Jokerz and the grandaughters of Harley Quinn. They have appeared in Batman Beyond, Justice League Unlimited, and the movie/comic book adaptation of Batman Beyond Return of the Joker.

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    As a pair of troubled youths, the twin sisters Deidre and Delia used their family lineage as a natural legacy status in the ranks of the Jokerz. The duo were held in high regard, and upon the return of the original Joker (later revealed to be a brainwashed Tim Drake) were among the Joker's inner circle.

    After Terry defeated the Joker and freed Tim's mind of the Joker's brainwaves, Deidre and Delia went back to just being street thugs, but along with Ghoul, Chuck-O, and Woof were recruited by Kronos, a timeline emerged where the twins killed Terry, but this timeline was erased by Batman and John Stewart.

    The twins have since made some small comic appearances.


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