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"I wasn't hip, I wasn't trendy, I wasn't edgy. And you know what?

That was Okay!"


The decontructed superhero was one of the few traditionalist superheros still living in England in the 60's and 70's. However during the 80's he discover than most of his story was false (his powers were not given by a gentle scientific mentor, instead he was cloned from aryan super-athletes and Hitler's personal sexual midgets) which provoke him a nervous break down which traduced in psychological problems from split personalities, drugs addictions, changes in his sexual orientation, among others issues. Lost and confused, he put the blame on Jack Carter for the invading darkness in his life and sought kill him. However, Carter proved more tricker than him and reversed the circunstances, putting end to the Deconstructed Superhero misery.


The Decontructed Superhero, as every other character in Planetary series was an expy used for Warren Ellis to meta-analyse the development of the pop culture of the XX century, specially superhero tales. Based loosely in Miracleman (Marvel Man), the Deconstructed Superhero is a representation of the british decontruction of the Superhero genre, by contrasting how a inocent character as Marvel Man, the british copy of Captain Marvel, was turned upside down and deconstruted by Alan Moore in a more postmodern and dark approach to the character. An evolution trend which would lead later to Watchmen and would be follow up in Vertigo and to a grim n' gritty interpretation in superhero comics from the 80's onward. The clash between the Deconstructed superhero and Jack Carter is an analogy to the classic superhero ideal against the dark adult comics represented by the John Constantine expy.


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