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    Character » Declan Thomas appears in 18 issues.

    Declan Thomas isn't normal! He's never sick and he never feels pain. While his body temperature is dropping and getting colder, he is slowly slipping into a world of madness.

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    Declan Thomas is an ex-inmate of the Sansid Asylym for the Criminally Insane in Barnstable, Massachusetts that began operation in the 1890s. It is not clear when exactly he was brought into the asylum but he was able to break free during a huge fire that occurred on October 12, 1941... which is quite odd, since he doesn’t look a day over thirty in present day Boston. Another weird thing about Declan is his body temperature that is in the fifties. Declan has not said a word or done much at all for the past five years. He lives at Reece Talbot's apartment as a live-in patient. Reece is a nurse and Declan's personal caretaker and custodian.


    Declan Thomas was created by Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra, and first appeared in Colder #1; published by Dark Horse Comics in 2012.

    Character Evolution

    Declan Thomas has the ability to see what crazy people see and that appears to be "The Hunger World", a Lovecraftian place with strange creatures and weird architecture that does not follow normal geometrical rules. Declan needs to connect to the mind of a crazy person to cross over to the other side. He is also capable of curing crazy people of their craziness, telling Reece he's like a faith healer for the insane. Besides healing the insane, Declan can make them even crazier, too. No matter helping or worsening crazy people, it will further lower is body temperature.

    Declan is chased by Nimble Jack, a strange person who is feeding of the insanity of crazy people and who believes Declan's soul is a very precious one that has grown richer with age like red wine.

    While not talking and doing anything, Declan was safe and could not be found by Nimble Jack. This has changed once he started talking to Reece and decided to show her the other world. Bringing Reece to the Hunger World put them in danger as it has opened a door for Nimble Jack to find them both in the Hunger World and the real world.


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