December Graystone

    Character » December Graystone appears in 12 issues.

    December Graystone, once known as Blood Mage, is a magic and telekinetic member of the League of Assassins.

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    December Graystone was created by James Tynion IV and Julius Gopez in Red Hood and the Outlaws #21.

    New 52

    December Graystone is revealed to be one of the few remaining League of Assassin members after the death of Ra's Al Ghul, along with Shiva, Bronze Tiger and Rictus.

    After Jason Todd has his memory erased, battles Cheshire, and leaves the Outlaws, he comes across them in them in the woods. He fights a short battle against the assassins before Bronze Tiger explains that they need help in their battle against the immortal Untitled. Asks if Jason remembers him, back when they worked together when he was known as Blood Mage. December concludes that Jason has had his memory erased, saying he's useless. Shiva decides that wether he has his memories or not, he is still Ducra's choice, and their only hope. They take Jason back to their city with them, and explains that he has to lead them in their war with The Untitled.

    Meanwhile, Starfire and Arsenal learn what happened to Jason. The Untitled appear to them, saying if they help them attack the League of Assassins, they can restore Jason's memories. Arsenal thinks they should help, while Starfire doesn't trust them and decides to go find Essence for answers. As she interrogates Essence, Arsenal upgrades and arms all of his weapons to attack the Assassin city. He leads the charge, easily breaking throught the city's defenses. December is ready to stop him, but is encased in ice before he can start a spell. Roy manages to defeat Cheshire before being stopped by Jason and Starfire. Roy and Starfire are thrown into the dungeon as the Assassins prepare to fight The Untitled.

    Powers and Abilities

    December Graystone's abilities appear to come from his own blood and pain. He knows a variety of spells, and other magic abilities. He also has a small amount of telekinesis, and can teleport by cutting himself. He also appears to have some type of healing factor and is preficient in unarmed combat.


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