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Georgia is a young girl whom was born out of an Afro-American mother and super-villain Memento Mori. Not soon after her birth, Georgia was put up for adoption by her mother, in hopes of foltering the plans of her biological father for Georgia to become a member of his criminal organization when she grew older. Georgia was adopted by a wealthy industrialist whom was very anti-mutant. It was to him a great shock when he realized that Georgia herself was also a mutant. To protect her, she was home-schooled from that moment on and was not to set a foot outside her house anymore.


Georgia Dakei was created by Peter David and Carmine Di Giandomenico and first appeared in All-New X-Factor issue 7 (2014).

Major Story Arcs

Seeking Help

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After Georgia manifested her mutant powers, she was ordered to stay in house, and was told by her adoptive father that all teenage girls went through the fase of getting some weird power. Georgia soon discovered that her powers where to dehydrate living things, sometimes to such an extend that, if long enough, it could kill them. Eventually Georgia got bored from being at home and send out a message over the internet that she was being held captive in her home. At that time, the Serval Industries' X-Factor team overheard the internet-broadcast, and decided to free Georgia from her seeming captivity. After a battle with the security forces of Georgia's home, X-Factor located the girl. Georgia was surprised at the violent rescue attempt and told the team she may have overreacted a little bit. It was then that X-Factor told her that she was a mutant, and that it was not normal for normal people to gain powers during their teenage years. Georgia understood that her adoptive father had been lying to her since she manifested her powers for the first time.

Joining X-Factor

When asked by X-Factor to join their team, Georgia happily accepted. Her adoptive father however intervened and told her he would not let her go with mutants. This all changed when the CEO of Serval Industries, as well as X-Factor's bankroller, Harrison Snow, went into a private room with Georgia's adoptive father and somehow persuaded him to let his daughter join the team. Her adoptive father, seemingly scared of what Harrison had told him, accepted his daughter's departure to the X-Factor team.

My Father, A Criminal

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Georgia became a member of the X-Factor organization and Serval Industries. It was however not much later when Georgia became extremely curious to find out who here biological parents where. She started a quest with help from her team and Serval Industries. While her father was not found, the team soon managed to locate her mother and made an arrangement for the two to meet. Georgia's mother was extremly happy to see her now teenage daughter and told her why she had given her up for adoption. It turned out her father was a super-villain named Memento Mori and her mother had hid her for him in order to safeguard her. Her real father had held taps on her mother and soon found out that Georiga, his daughter, had returned. It was then that Memento Mori attacked his ex-wife's home and wanted to adopt Georgia into his criminal activities. A battle against X-Factor ensued which eventually caused the villain his life. Georgia decided to stay with X-Factor on the team.


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