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    a fourth-generation Platinum dragon, retired Manager Agent for Earth's Agency Zero, and new Brood Queen of all the dragons in the Gold Digger universe

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    Debra aka Agent Star Platinum aka Princess D'bra is the heir to the Platinum Dragon brood and in possession of great physical and magical power as a resukt. Unusually humble for a dragon and willing to treat members of non-dragon as equals, she has come to earthrealm and joined up with it's top covert superhero team, Agency Zero. Using a small human form when the full abilities of her dragon body are not suitable, she serves as both office manager and one of Agency Zero's most powerful and experienced field agents. On several missions she worked alongside the family of fellow agent Stryyp'Gia, most notably on a mission to rescue Stryyp's wife Brittany and daughter from the Lich King, and growing close to his stepmother Julia Diggers, a fellow native of Jade, and latter fighting alongside her against the undead assassin Zero who had attacked both Debra and Julia's student during the rescue mission.

    During the invasion of Jade by Dreadwing when it's factions were at each other's throats due to Dreadwing's treachery that made it appear as if some of their number had sold out, Debra was the one to spot his deceptions and make the nations of Jade realize they had been fooled, uniting in defense. Realizing turnabout was fair play, Debra went to personally confront Dreadwing, gaining a sample of his magic in the process, and used it to attack one of his allies, turning the attacking force against themselves and forcing the tyrant into retreat. So impressed was Queen T'mat with her daughter's actions where her own leadership had failed to unite Jade, that she took a leave of absence to allow D'bra to take a larger leadership role in Jade.

    Magic and Abilities

    As heir of the Platinum Dragon clan and daughter of Queen T'mat, her magic is strong even for a Platinum, the most magically gifted of the Dragon races. Possessing ether vents instead of wings, allowing Platinums to fly in space, make even cross-continental flight a quick trip, or focus the same energy into destructive beams of ether at close or long range, in addition to using magic for spellcasting, where she can employ her aura to cast spells beyond the power of most mortal sorcerers. Due to her father being the villainous Iron Dragon Dreadwing, she has physical might uncommon to the magically gifted breed as well and is much more muscular and taller than other Platinum dragons.

    As a counterpoint to the power and speed of her true form, Debra designed her human form to be a small, agile heroine for when cleverness and being at the right place at the right time matter more than draconic might.


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