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    Dick Grayson's girlfriend for a time.

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    Issue 141: They first meet off panel as her first physical appearance has her referencing his persistence and after she agrees to go on a date with him she asks about how his book on the upper Manhattan and its part in the American Revolution, he responds that it was indeed just a line to a history girl in history museum. Their date which Dick described as a nice little place he knew, was actually at the knee room in the box seats and its there that Deborah finds out he isn't actually writing a book, rather just studying for his new job. When Dick tells her its at Cloister she freaks and begins listing the things she loves about the place, then when he tells her that he'll be the new curator she makes him promise to give her a private tour to make up for the book he's not writing. She also gets Dick in contact with her brother who's in real estate when Dick mentions that he's still looking for a place to stay at.

    Issue 142: The next time she appears is at a friends gymnastics place where Dick is teaching kids how to swing on the trapeze and she says that they've been dating for 2 months. After one of the kids falls into the net, she gets playfully pressured by her friend and Dick to to give the trapeze an attempt as well, to which she replies she's afraid of heights. Once she's already grabbing onto the trapeze bar Dick simply replies, she wont be afraid of heights for long and pushes her off the landing. She then screams she'll get him for doing that.

    Issue 144: Dick is skydiving at night into a park where Deborah is waiting outside a car with the headlights on acting as a beacon for him. When he lands she puts a salty fry in his mouth and Dick asks if she's ready to go to the fancy charity party, to which she retorts that they should just go to the movies since he's still in his jumpsuit. She takes it back when she turns around and sees Dick already in a tuxedo underneath the jumpsuit, then makes a very good Mr. Bond joke and Dick replies with thank you miss Moneypenny. However she points out the exception which is that he's still wearing his sneakers and that since he's being comfy, that will too, as she changes into sneakers as well as they drive off. A photo of Deborah sleeping naked is shown to Dick by Talia in order to threaten him as an innocent civilian casualty of war at the end of issue.

    Issue 145: Dick is shown hanging outside of Deborah's apartment watching as she turns off the lamp besides her bed because of the recent threat to her life that Talia had just recently made.

    Issue 151: Deborah is shown to have a scar on her right forearm from the recent acid attack caused by Two-Face (Harvey Dent), which she was unable to have plastic surgery on because it apparently fell under an act of god clause and it wasn't severe enough to warrant one. Hearing this Dick offers to pay for her plastic surgery, the best that money could buy, which she initially turns done, but in the end relents when he is insistent upon it. She then tells him that she's moving back to her hometown in San Jose, California, because after 8 years of living in New York she no longer feels safe and she doesn't want to live her life constantly in fear. She explains that atop of the recent pennies from heaven and the accident rain attacks, there had apparently been some sort of gunfight between a group of flying wingmen and that she'd even found evidence of it the form of bullet casings right outside of her window. At first she tried to ignore it pretend like it never happened, which was why she never told Dick, but she simply couldn't do that any more and decided the best option was to leave it all behind. However she still want to be with Dick, but when she asked him to come with her to California, he said he couldn't, that he had too many responsibilities built up in New York just to up and leave. Deborah nods in acceptance, then tells Dick that the months they spent together was really special and kisses him, before turning around and walking away while telling him to take care.

    Background: Has a Brother who works in real estate, is a fan of skydiving, history and the Mets and she works at the Museum of the city of New York. Dick and Deb share a love for skydiving. When Dick becomes more and more invested in his Nightwing persona and decides to move back to Gotham City, Deb realizes they were not meant to be together and they go their separate ways.


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