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Deborah "DeeDee" Dancer first encountered Andrew Bennett as a child when the time travelling Bennett appeared outside her family home in Maine on November 1st, 1967. Bennett had followed Mary Sward to this time but did not know why Mary came to this time or place. It wasn't until Mary kidnapped the young Deborah in order to force Bennett to discard the ring that allowed him to follow her through time off a cliff into the ocean. Mary then threw Deborah off the same cliff forcing Bennett to save her as Mary teleported back into the time stream. Bennett was able to recover his ring and follow her. This event was so traumatic that Deborah blocked it from her memory for most of her life.

Her second encounter with Bennett was in1969 at Wood Stock. Mary and her Blood Red Moon were there using the festival for recruiting to fill their ranks. Deborah ( going by Debbie at this time) and her friends had come to Wood Stock and soon were picked off by the Moon. Bennett and Dmitri Mishkin arrived in time to save Deborah, put her friends to the "true death", and run off the Blood Red Moon. From that time on, Debroah travelled and was trained by Bennett and Mishkin.

Deborah's story took place before the event known as The Crisis of Infinite Earths. It is unknown what, if any, of her history was changed.

As the event known as Flashpoint has once again chaged history, Andrew Bennett's personal history has been altered greatly. It is unkown how this has changed Deborah's own personal history.

New 52

Deborah Dancer has been living a top a mountain in Maine. She decided to fall of the grid after her adventures with Bennett and lives in a log cabin with her dog, Mishkin. Andrew Bennett arrives and coaxes her to invite him and the newly turned Tig into her house. Troughton and the newly turned human Mary arrive right behind Bennett and Tig. Professor Troughton ignites Bennett and Tig with kerosene using a battey powered water gun. The cabin ignites in flames and all parties escape. The last to escape is Mishkin, named after Dimitri Mishkin, who is turned by Bennett. Dancer begrudgingly joins Mary and Troughton to locate the vampire who sired Bennett.


Powers & Abilities

When human, Deborah was a master in hand to hand combat, often defeating vampire opponents many times stronger than herself. As a vampire she had the ability to change into a bat, mist, or a wolf. She could influence humans through the power of hypnosis, and was many times stronger than any non-powered human. She was immortal. But because of the Soviet serum she had none of a vampire's weaknesses such as being destroyed by a stake through the heart, decapitation, or sunlight.


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