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Mysterious Benefactor

After having dealt with both T-Ray and Typhoid Mary, Deadpool went to the Hellhouse in order to try and prove himself as a hero by accepting a heroic job; one that may not even pay in the end. It was then that a cloaked man entered the Hellhouse who claims that he requires the aid of a mercenary in order to save his land from a dark evil and to save a princess.

Deadpool quickly accepted the job even though there is no promise of payment (hoping that the princess was attractive), and so the cloaked figure took Deadpool to his private jet. It wasn't long before Deadpool's new employer was begging him to shut up, as he constantly confessed about how he wished to be a true hero. Just as Deadpool started wondering whether his employer was legitimate, the man electrocuted him & he lost consciousness.

Deadpool awakens to find himself shackled to a platform, wearing a baby's bonnet & bib. He was in a large room filled with all sorts of demented looking toys, including a large, barbed teddy-bear suspended right above him. His employer introduces himself as Deathtrap.

Deathtrap Revealed

Deathtrap claimed that he was seeking to elevate death to an art form by using his many gadgets & traps. He apparently offered his services to several high-ranked officials. He had selected Deadpool to be his latest test subject because he felt that Deadpool was the kind of man who can best appreciate his form of gratuitous violence. He intended to test some new equipment on Deadpool's healing factor. Originally, Deathtrap was looking to kill Deadpool using a twisted take on the "save the princess" dream, but meeting Deadpool had given him a new idea. The preschool motif Deathtrap had adopted for his trap was intended to mirror Deadpool's undeveloped psyche, and the 3-ton teddy-bear suspended above Deadpool will drop closer and closer to Deadpool each time that he spoke, ultimately suffocating him.

Seeming to ignore the warnings, Deadpool continued to rant and joke endlessly. It transpired that he had been distracting Deathtrap long enough to break his own wrist out of the shackle and reach his gun. Unfortunately, Blind Al had been tampering with all of Deadpool's equipment, and so his gun simply fired out a little thank-you note flag. Similarly, Deadpool's teleporter and swords were broken, leaving him weaponless.

Deathtrap enjoyed watching Deadpool struggle so much, that he promised to release him if he remained quiet for a minute. Out of sheer frustration, Deadpool managed to tear his other arm free from the manacles, but the barbed-bear above him had gathered enough momentum that it had reached ramming speed.

Deadpool's Challenge

After the bear crashed, Deathtrap regretted that Deadpool had to die as he was convinced that he would have proved entertaining again in future. However, he was satisfied that the day was still a masterpiece. However, Deadpool suddenly appeared from the wreckage, having broken both of his ankles to escape the trap. With two broken ankles, Deadpool collapsed at Deathtrap's feet. Deathtrap considered how simple it would be to kill Deadpool in such a weakened state. Deadpool encouraged him to do it, claiming that if he didn't then he would live to regret it. Deathtrap accepted the challenge, but would save the moment for another place and time.

Deathtrap knocked Deadpool unconscious with a mallet, and fled the scene in some sort of flying vehicle. When Deadpool woke he found a note from Deathtrap that read, "This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!".

Powers & Skills

Deathtrap appears to have no real powers, other than his keen strategic mind. His arsenal appears to include countless deathtraps (hence his name) and gadgets, as well as a his own jet, flying craft and headquarters. Therefore, it can be assumed that he is considerably wealthy, if his claims to be in the employ of rather high-ranking officials are true.

He claims to be versed in all forms of torture, holding three doctorates from Oxford, and to be responsible for over 3,000 'premature liquidations' (deaths).

Despite his intelligence, Deathtrap seems to be considerably insane, as he is fixated on making death into art.

He also seems to enjoy slap-stick humor.


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