Character » Deathtrap appears in 29 issues.

    Evil mercenary and the leader the Mercs.

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    In a surprise attack by Deathtrap and his associates Flashpoint, Nautika and Sunburst where attacked and thought to be killed but they were taking back to Gamorran as hostages.

    New 52

    Deathtrap, and his team The Mercs were to make Amanda Waller believe The Suicide Squad had died. The Mercs introduced themselves at a castle, which is the base of The Fist of Cain. Deathtrap is the sole survivor of his team, the Mercs. He is making the castle into a bomb to kill the remaining members of The Fist of Cain when Deadshot and the rest of the Squad are rescued by a C-130.


    Deathtrap has the ability to mentally summon weapons, whether they be swords or guns, and has psionic control over any such weapon. He can also augment existing weapons with his ability, making them more powerful and destructive. He is also telekinetic and skilled in hand-to-hand combat.


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