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I think this illustrates my feelings on the matter quite nicely. XD
I think this illustrates my feelings on the matter quite nicely. XD

To make it clear, I am not a fan of the Liefeld take over for Deathstroke. I was just starting to like Deathstroke's new outfit, but looking at Liefeld's version, he makes it look ten times worse! and for some reason I have a hard time seeing him illustrating an entire book (at least without giving my eyes a headache... if that's possible). The only positive thing I can say about Liefeld taking over, is that a story with Lobo vs. Deathstroke is original (if not a little crazy), it could be fun... I guess. But as a fan, great action scenes are not the reason I fell in love with Deathstroke, and I'm not sure how well Liefeld will handle developing Slade's character. However after reading the IGN interview with Rob Liefeld on his ideas for Deatshtroke I have to say that I'm cautiously optimistic about his writing abilities:

IGN: In light of yesterday’s news – the cancellation of Hawk & Dove, which you had been writing and drawing – you’ll be moving onto Deathstroke as writer/artist. Was this a project in particular that you wanted to pull double duty on? What attracts you to drawing this character?

Two years ago, when Jim Lee and Geoff Johns were given their new positions, I called Jim and said “DUDE! Congratulations… how about Deathstroke for me??” He laughed and here we are. I could not be more excited. I feel like I’ve won the comic book lottery!!! I LOVE DEATHSTROKE! I was 12 in 1980 when Deathstroke appeared in Teen Titans #2. I wish I could time travel back to 1980 and tell my young self what is happening, he’d freak. I could not be more ecstatic.

IGN: As far as what’s in store for Slade under your guidance, what can you tell us about the direction you’ll be taking the book?

Liefeld: We are going to push Slade. He is at a crossroads. His life up to the point we find him has been driven by tragic events that have taken his family away from him. He has made an eternity’s worth of enemies, people who he has crossed in his role as the most dangerous mercenary/bounty hunter/assassin. These enemies pool their collective resources to bring about the end of Slade Wilson.

But before we can get to that, Slade is contacted by a covert government agency that has a mess on their hands. A breakout at a remote prison facility has occurred and unleashed a group of nasty alien criminals into the populace. Slade is offered triple his going rate but the real challenge is can Deathstroke, the most dangerous hunter on earth, bring down the most dangerous prey in the galaxy?

And it gets personal real fast; it’s the challenge Slade needs to re-awaken his humanity. When we join him he’s about to cash out, he’s numb. There’s no challenge for him, then this. Lobo vs. Deathstroke will be a whopper!

And then there are a group of young hybrids known as the Omegas that Deathstroke is charged with in his hunt for Lobo. It’s big.

IGN: I know you’ve discussed your excitement at drawing Batman for the first time officially during Hawk & Dove. Are there any characters in the DCU that you haven’t been able to tackle that might be making appearances in Deathstroke? More Batman perhaps?

Well between Deathstroke and Lobo and the Omegas, I’m crossing many, many characters off the bucket list. This is my love letter to Marv Wolfman, George Perez, Keith Giffen and Roger Slifer. As to Batman, turns out I really prefer Robin over the Dark Knight.

I think that Liefeld could possibly do the writing for Deathstroke, but definitely not the illustration.

Overall, I'm totally confused by this change. I admit that I haven't been crazy about how the new Deathstroke series began. The set up for the series has been a bit slow and the pacing for the overall story has been weak at points, but this month's issue was amazing. Kyle Higgins really caught all the greatest aspects of Deathstroke, and I am completely in love with Art Thibert's work so far.

Deathstroke #5 excites me, Liefeld does not.

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Ah! Exactly!

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The second panel is hilarious.

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Why the hell Deathstroke needs a roboarmour?

I mean he is like Batman, his mind makes him that good.

I mean he was a soldire, why does DC haves a problem with making him looking like a soldier?

Also when you think about Deathstroke you think, about a guy that can kick your ass dont matter what suit he use.

Also the wings thing was parts of the original redesign with the Batman boots and Batman gloves.

Still i dont understand why he looks like, Iroman+Deadpool+Batman+War Machine decide to have a children

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I'm worried about him taking over, but who wouldn't be with how these last few issues of Deathstroke has gone? Unlike a lot of the recent work with Deathstroke, Higgins has a good idea of who the character is. I'm happy as long as the character isn't being abused like he was before the new52.

There are two things that really have me worried in particular though. The first, of course, is the art. What the heck is with the wing stubs? and the shinyness? The second is the quote about the Omegas. That seems to contradict everything that Higgins has established so far. I remember the dispair I felt reading the first issue when that mercenary group was introduced. I was so relieved when they were massacred. And now there's going to be an additional group.

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Liefeld is atrocious and the artwork so far has been abysmal, I wish he would go away. You can tell he is trying to hard to make Deathstroke appear like Deadpool, at least IMO. And what he did to Lobo, was just unforgivable.

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Just read Deathstroke #12, I'm convinced Liefeld is just phoning it in at this point. I've never really been a fan of his work, but it just looks sloppier and worse than his usual stuff. And what happened to the backgrounds?!?! Are they fighting in a void?

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