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Skin and Bone

Picking up where last issue ended, Deathstroke now is incarcerated, although Steel proved that he only killed a double of Senator Williams and represented no threat to Clinton´s life. Ravager is still alive and is chasing Rose and Wintergreen. Adeline is mad, only thinking about revenge for his ex-husband and soon Patricia will fall victim of her hatred. Marv Wolfman can tell this story in such a formidable manner, from Slade being torture in the Arcadium prision to the pure despair in Rose´s life. This issue shows a good and cohesive narrative, interesting dialogues and amazing art by Sergio Cariello. The players are still the same, and Crimelord is about to put in motion a major plan: a terrorist attack in american soil. There isn´t much action in this issue, but I´m waiting for big time in the next one if Wilson acepts Steel´s offer and join the Checkmate. Highly recommended.
4.5 out 5

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