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Deathstroke #17


NINJAS!!!! The cover here is pretty accurate. Deathstroke fights a ton of ninjas this issue. Writer Justin Jordan focuses entirely on Deathstroke demonstrating what he is: a capable, complete bad@$$, as he fights off a group of ninjas and their leader that have been contracted to kill him. While this issue focuses so much on action that the plot suffer some, it's still a fun thrill ride. You know this comic is a buy for you if the words DEATHSTROKE vs NINJAS interests you. Jordan knows how to write Deathstroke as being very cerebral and interesting (check out the "exit strategy" panel for proof).

Salazar and Hanna deliver their best work on this title to date. Their art looks really clean and full of energy, which is great for such an action-oriented issue as this one.

It's sad to see that DC cancelled Deathstroke, as the team of Jordan, Salazar and Hanna have been making this a fun series to read. I'm willing to stay on board to the end, to see Deathstroke take on any and all!

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