Deathstroke #16

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The Good

I went into this issue thinking Slade Wilson's solution to killing Koschei was fairly obvious. I was right (for the most part), but man oh man, that didn't make this read any less epic. I cheered at least once and overall it's just great to see the character in good hands.

Slade's smart, competent, and flat-out awesome. That's exactly how he should be and it's so refreshing to see him treated in such a proper manner. Yes, he was smacked around in the last issue, but that was just a tactical ploy to let his arrogant foe think he was in charge and reveal some critical information -- info that'll lead to his downfall. This time around, Slade's not holding back and watching him unleash is a real treat.

The artwork is fine, only delivering a few impressive panels (most notably Slade using that blade) and never really dipping below average either. The opening scene has some impressive use of colors. The bright explosion provides a neat contrast to Slade's rather vivid costume and really gives the scene some depth.

The Bad

No critical complaints here.

The Verdict

Writer Justin Jordan takes over the title with an incredibly fun yet short story. Deathstroke appears to be back in full force and I'm optimistic about what Jordan has in store for DC's deadliest mercenary. This issue is action packed and only takes a minor break a few pages in. If you're a Deathstroke fan, odds are you'll love it.

Oh yeah, the teaser for the next issue is "How to fight 10,000 ninjas." Um, yes, please!


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