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The Unkillable Man

I cannot thank Justin Jordan enough for what he has done here. I admit this issue wasn't brilliant, but it's far more than that if you compare it to the whole rest of the series. Actually, I can't say that as I dropped 'Deathstroke' after its second issue. Thankfully, Jordan has made it readable again.

Ah, it feels so good so good to be able to pick up a 'Deathstroke' book again and actually enjoy it. I mean, who doesn't like to see the deadly mercenary in a comic? Here is characterized correctly, as Justin delivers a badass Slade Wilson. Deathstroke is now being payed to kill the "Unkillable Man", who proves to be a challenge. His name is given due to his healing factor. Jordan makes sure to present the readers lots of intriguing action scenes between the two assassins. The issue is well paced, and there are nice dialogues between Slade and other characters. They make sure to emphasize the fact that the man takes any contract and doesn't joke. Deathstroke's monologue throughout the fight also helps to build a correct and pleasant scenario.

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The cover is brilliant. I picked it up as soon as I saw it at my local shop. The inside art is good, but can be a little inconsistent sometimes. Nevertheless, faces looked like faces and the action scenes were also well displayed.

Overall this was a great issue, that showed a huge twist of quality. I can't thank Justin Jordan enough. He makes sure to deliver good action scenes and well done dialogue. Deathstroke #15 gets a 8/10.

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