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I just have to say from the start that this issue wasn't that great. It was Liefeld epic, need I say more? This zero issue tells the origin tale of how badass Slade is from his days as a soldier. My one major problem is that Liefeld, in his infinite wisdom, didn't really show us what happened to his eye - I mean he gets shot but in a later panel his mask still has the full facial symmetry. He didn't give much of an explanation before flash-forwarding to a present panel of him in a grand armchair with his eye patch and goatee look. Through the narrative of the entire issue it was also quite predictable what the ending few pages would be about. which I thought was just thrown together and in a way cheesy.

Because of Liefeld's "art", I couldn't tell who was Slade in the spec ops shot without examining his goatee. The reason why this gets a higher rating than the past few issues is because it is the last installment of a DC title that Liefeld is apart of - thank God - and he can't go near my beloved Deathstroke again. Mark this issue on the calender, No-More-Liefeld Day, party's at my place this year.

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