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Death’s Head has been referred to as both a Cyborg and a robot but he has stated that he is a Mechanoid, a machine life made to resemble a humanoid form. He was created in the Extradimensional realm of Styrakos, which shifted between magical area zone only and mechanical area zone only.

He was created by the being, Ty Rejutka Lupex who, due to the immense magical energies coursing through his body, was dying. Lupex created the Mechanoid in hopes it will be his vessel, however his consort Pyra, was repulsed by his actions and sought to give the Mechanoid it own personality. When Lupex finished the process and activated Death’s Head, he quickly went against the idea of being a possession and instead fled. However there was a shift and all mechanical components stopped working and Death’s Head tremendously will allowed him to still move but Lupex was coming right after him as Lupex took him and was about to transferred his energies to Death’s Head when the zone change to only mechanical and Death’s Head easily killed Lupex.

The Doctor (yes, THAT Doctor) stole Death’s Head from Styrakos, altering his origins and placed him in the robot world Scarvix (Earth-5555). With his new origins Death’s Head believed himself to have killed his programmer, stole his money and torched his mansion. Death’s Head encountered a mercenary who told him “Never kill for free and never turn a contract down - whoever the target is!”. He spends years trying to build his reputation to become a great mercenary but failed and instead the Doctor took him to another universe and had him modified, increasing height and upgraded weapons.

Creation and Publication History

To avoid Hasbro claiming ownership of Death's Head, Marvel UK made a one-page strip starring Death's Head on the backcover of their magazines. The story was called High Noon Tex and was featured in a number of Marvel UK titles before his actual debut in Transformers #113.

Major Story Arcs

Versus the Transformers

This time around Death’s Head once more set up an agency in the robot world Scarvix (Earth-120185) In this universe he fought several Transformers including Decepticon leader Galvatron and Autobot leader Rodimus Prime as well as destroying Autobot Bumblebee, becoming a mercenary once again hunting the most dangerous robots.

However while in a time-trip to fight Megatron who no longer existed in the present Death’s Head disappeared seemingly without trace. He ended up in a time distortion where he meet the Doctor once again, angry at him he give two choices, run and get killed or stay still and get killed. Still being of immense height the Doctor ran away from him until he had no choice but to shoot him with Tissue Compressor Eliminator, which shrunk Death’s Head to his original height.

Death's Head then traveled to various alternate dimensions, including Earth-8410 and Earth-616, encountering the likes of the Fantastic Four, She-Hulk, and Iron Man 2020.

But Death's Head was soon met with misfortune when the cyborg known as Minion absorbed one of Death's Head's targets, feeling robbed DH tracked Minion down and the two battled, in the end Minion proved to be too much for Death's Head and his body was destroyed by Minion who also absorbed his mind in the process, the result of Minion absorbing Death's Head's mind had very unexpected results on Minion, who now had developed free will and a bad attitude, thus Death's Head II was born.


Death's Head (with no explanation as to how he has been restored after his death at Minion's hand) has recently returned as a bounty hunter for SWORD hunting aliens for Henry Gyrich. Since DH is both a reality and time traveler the best explanation for his return is likely that this is an alternate reality Death's Head who never died by Minion's hand (like the one who beat Minion in What If...?) or that this is the DH who was destroyed by Minion, but being a time traveler has yet to meet his fate. DH's return leads to two notes of irony, one that he is working for SWORD when he is technically an extraterrestrial himself, and two that Death's Head II (Minion) is also alive and well, working as a member of MI 13, leading to the question of whether the two Death's Heads will ever have another face to face meeting.

Godkiller and the Superior Spider-Man

In both of these recent story-arcs, Death's Head was hired to bring in two of Marvel's top heroes, Iron Man (in the Godkiller arc) and Spider-Man (in the Superior Spider-Man arc) with the help of some other nameless bounty hunters, DH was able to bring Iron Man in to answer for the death of the Phoenix Force for the Shi'Ar government, however, he was less successful with the job he was hired to do by the Time Varience Authority in capturing Spider-Man, who (possessed by Doctor Octopus) showed just how deadly Spider-Man actually can be when not holding back, and mercilessly handed Death's Head the worst beating he had received since Minion.


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