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    Volume » Published by Marvel UK. Started in 1992.

    Volume 2.

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    Some 3 years after Death's Head volume 1 was published, Death's Head II volume 2 was started. The success of this title launched a raft of Marvel UK books on the demand of the parent company Marvel US.

    Sadly unable to find sufficient creators for the task the books quickly went into decline which, when coupled with the sudden dramatic depression in sales across the industry in the early to mid 90's, damaged Marvel UK's burgeoning reputation irreparably. Many later big names cut their teeth at Marvel UK drawing the character in various books and incarnations, including Bryan Hitch, Carlos Pacheco, Dougie Braithwaite, Liam Sharp, Sal Larocca and others.

    After many undocumented adventures, Death's Head has been beheaded and his personality "assimilated" into the mind of the cyborg Minion. Minion was a cyborg created by Dr.Evelyn Necker.

    Death's Head's personality overwhelmed Minion's programming before it could take out its final target (Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four), and they became the gestalt life form that called itself Death's Head II. Death's Head II was partnered wit Tuck, an artificial human from the pseudo-medieval planet of Lionheart, where humans had outlawed advanced technology and waged war against androids and cyborgs.


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