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    Created in the year 2020 by Dr. Evelyn Necker of A.I.M., Death's Head II's psyche consists of 106 different personalities including that of the original Death's Head.

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    Death's Head II (a.k.a. Minion) was a creation of Dr. Evelyn Necker, and was sent through time and space to absorb the universe's greatest minds and warriors to further the goals of A.I.M. Minion's next target was to be Reed Richards, but due to an unexpected attack from Death's Head, Minion instead absorbed the personality of the robotic bounty hunter and rebelled against Dr. Necker. Thus, Death's Head II was born!


    Death's Head II is from Earth-8410, but last took up residence on Earth-616. He was created by Dan Abnett and Liam Sharp, and first appeared in Death's Head II issue #1 (1992 mini-series).

    Major Story Arcs

    Death's Head II

    After gaining free will, Death's Head II fled through time and space and eventually encountered another of Necker's fugitive creations, the genetically engineered Tuck. The two would inadvertently find themselves entangled in a crucial event in the history of Earth-616, the prevention of Charnel's rise to power, and theoretically the prevention of Earth-9939's existence. Death's Head II, Tuck, and some of the Avengers of Earth-9939 fought Charnel, and defeated him, but at a high cost: only Death's Head II, Tuck, and 9939's Scarlet Witch survived the fight.

    Death's Head II has traveled to various realities including Earth-9939, but was last seen in Earth-616, which he now considers to be his home. On 616, DHII made numerous friends including Dark Angel, Motormouth, Killpower, and the X-Men, DHII even joined three teams--Death3, Dark Guard and MI 13.


    Minion possesses the accumulative knowledge of over 106 distinct personalities from across time and space of various different warriors which he has downloaded into his program through his Cranial Siphon. The Cranial Siphon kills the individual during the process, Minion rams his metamorphic arm into the individual's skull at the base of the neck. (Death's Head II Vol. 1, Issue # 1). These personalities Gives Minion the distinct advantage during combat able to draw and use the combat instincts and the intelligence of those he has acquired during battle and on top of his fighting instincts Minion's cybernetic systems automatically adapt and improves it's tactics learning during battle. (Death's Head II, Vol. 2, issue # 2).

    Due to Minion being from the year 2020 he possesses historical files of various individuals and their abilities as well as their temporal location .

    Death's Head II's adaptive counter measures is capable of hijacking opponent's software given sufficient time for analyzes during battle. It has allowed him to turn off alien weaponry and bypass energy shields using matching frequencies as well as jacking into Four Freedom Plaza and downloading its stored knowledge. Death's Head II right arm is capable of morphing into various configurations from Bladed weapons to energy weapons as well as his Cranial Siphon.

    Minion is capable of full self regeneration able to heal and regenerate injuries to itself during battle if the opponent is capable of damaging his armored form usually requiring adamantium level weaponry. So far Minion has had his arm severed during transitional form by Wolverine and to Wolverine's amazement the liquid arm reattached itself to the main body while Minion walked toward Logan. Minion's regeneration has allowed it to engage Wolverine in close quarter battle healing the wounds made to it's body almost immediately.

    His regeneration is so high that it has allowed him to survive having his body nearly cut in half and giant holes shot through its body. when the damage is sufficiently high enough it turns itself into a liquid metal form to repair itself making Minion one of the most dangerous cybernetic organism on the planet. (Death's Head II, Vol, 2. Issue # 1 - 4).

    Minion strength and durability has been sufficient enough to easily overpower and manhandle the Thing as well as engage the Hulk in physical battle.

    Minion's reaction and overall speed is superhuman his cybernetic system adapts to its environment that it is in to reduce collateral damage to its environment only using speeds that can be supported by the pavement and ground at its lowest setting it is able to outrun a speeding vehicle (Death's Head II, Vol. 1. Issue # 2). Minion can similarly increase or reduce his reaction reflex able to shoot, aim or counter at superhuman levels.

    Minion also possesses Superhuman auditory enhancements helping him track and locate his victims during combat. Minion was designed for combat and to protect the interest of the future A.I.M. organization as such he has been given the tools to do so including a temporal unit allowing him to travel across time and space to have helped it face any threat to A.I.M.


    • Height: 7'0"
    • Weight: 400 lbs.
    • Eyes: Blue (mechanical/right) and Yellow (organic/left)
    • Hair: none (red wiring resembling hair)

    Alternate Realities


    A different version of the Days of the Future Past, where Excalibur never existed and a group R. C. X. (Resistance Coordination Executive) instead for the freedom of the last humans in Earth. This Sentinel command was name the Hierarchy and commanded by Ahab.

    While fighting the Sentinels Death's Head Minion was fry and his body destroy, which broke the spirit of the heroes of this reality that saw him as unbeatable. After the arrival of Excalibur of Earth-616 and with there help they were able to rewrite the Hierarchy.


    The events of this Earth happen during “What if Death’s Head had lived?”. In this reality Death’s Head manage to escape the Minion from destroying him by teleporting away. However the Minion continue with his next target Reed Richard and it traveled to the present time, it fought Mister Fantastic and taking a moment of weakness it killed him and assimilated his skills into himself it then returned to 2020 where Baron Strucker the V use his necromancy to trap Minion and become one with him, making this realities Charnel.

    The Dr. Necker of this reality offer Death’s Head quite the money to fight Charnel, so taking a time belt from A.I.M. he traveled back into the past to recruit several heroes; Luke Cage, Captain America, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Namor the Sub-Marine, the Thing, War Machine. Charnel easily finish all the heroes while Death’s Head watch.

    Finally Death’s Head jumped into the battle taking on Charnel in a barbaric way but knowing he wouldn’t win this way he activated a synaptic scrambler momentarily disrupting Charnel, in that moment Reed Richard’s personality took over and he paralyzed Charnel. Taking this moment Death’s Head killed Charnel once in for all.

    In Other Media


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Death's Head II was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Mantis Build-a-Figure wave.

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