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Six-part crossover between Valiant Comics and Image Comics published in 1993 and 1994. Instead of issue numbers the issues have different colors (Yellow, Blue, Black, and Red) and there is no particular reading order except for the bookend issues Deathmate Prologue and Deathmate Epilogue. The story features Solar and various Valiant Heroes on one side, and characters from Cyber Force, Gen 13, Youngblood, WildC.A.T.s, and Supreme on the Image side. The crossover suffered from scheduling issues as Image released their issues 6 months late.

Chapter Titles & Issue Colors (released by Valiant):

  • Deathmate Preview (I) - available in green
  • Deathmate Preview (II) - available in orange or pink
  • Deathmate Prologue
  • Deathmate Yellow
  • Deathmate Blue
  • Deathmate Tourbook

Chapter Titles & Issue Colors (released by Image):

  • Deathmate Black
  • Deathmate Red
  • Deathmate Epilogue

Note: Except for the previews (and the Tourbook), all six issues have Gold variant editions as well.


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