If You Could Have A Deathlok

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If you could engineer your own Deathlok, and give him his powers, what powers would you give him? Would you program him to kill? Would you use him as your Side Kick?

I would enchance him with super strength, stamina, and blast power. Also I would create some sort of gravity boots for him.

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I think I would had build him with Kang the Conquer's technology and using Maddrox as base, so he could still replicate and be a cyborg so an army of cyborg soldiers and I would send him to killed criminals and then I be myself the greatest anti-hero and if the heroes desing to face me I would update my Deathlok by using Forge's technology combine with Cable's virus. So now my Deathloks can repair and have some shape-shifting abilities to create blades and more. And if they keep pushing I turn Box II into my own Hellinger to modafied by Deathlok constainly. Now let see who rains supreme beatches!

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