Deathlok Legion

    Team » Deathlok Legion appears in 41 issues.

    The Deathlok Legion are evil, cyborg versions of Earth's heroes from a dark, twisted alternate future.

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    Deathlok Nation

    Deep within the Weapon Plus breeding-facility called "The World", a dark presence known only as Weapon Infinity instigated Operation: Deathlok; The Deathloks' mission was to kill, reanimate and convert Earth's superhuman populace into controllable Deathlok Troopers. The first wave of "normal" Deathlok Troopers targeted specific heroes such as the X-Men, Defenders and Avengers and managed to slay them all.

    Once dead, the corpses of the fallen heroes were brought to "The World" for acclimation and reemerged "Deathlok"; to make matters worse, no one other than superhumans opposed it. Humanity had had enough with arrogant superhumans appointing themselves judge, jury and executioner and doing whatever they pleased. Thus, Operation: Deathlok was condoned and made law by majority vote.

    The Deathloks became unstoppable, even unified Earth's superhumans were unable to stand against the power of The Deathlok Troopers and were ultimately converted. With all of Earth's superhumans transformed into an army of controllable police with no free will, Humanity began to flourish and ultimately ushered in true utopia.

    Satisfied by the end product, Weapon Infinity began spreading the Deathlok seed into all timelines and dimensions but quickly found his work being undone by a very dangerous "fly in the ointment": Apocalypse. Making "The World" his top priority, Weapon Infinity sent Captain America, Cyclops, Spider-Man, Elektra, Hawkeye and The Thing to the Alps on Earth-616, where they attacked Fantomex and his mother in a bid to obtain "The World".

    During the conflict, Captain America managed to find "The World" while Fantomex's mother was taken hostage by Spider-Man, who ignored Fantomex's pleas for mercy and snapped her neck, killing her instantly. Fantomex lashed out at Spider-Man in a rage and sent both him and Captain American flying out a window. Before Fantomex could make any other moves against his opponents, Hawkeye sent an exploding arrow flying towards the house and destroyed it.

    Fantomex and E.V.A., who had manged to escape the blast, were tailed by Spider-Man who was ultimately defeated by Fantomex but not before the remnants of Peter Parker's true personality regained temporary control, screaming that it wasn't their fault. Fantomex believed him and mercy-killed Peter. The original Deathlok from the timeline theirs had diverged from arrived shortly after dragging the corpse of Cyclops, whom he had managed to extract the location of "The World" from.

    As he, Elektra and Hawkeye were making their way through the forests, Captain America detected Deathlok's intrusion and reported it to Weapon Infinity, who believed it to be the "slimy residuals" of another timeline, and ordered its death. Captain America also reported that he was in possession of "The World". Fantomex and Deathlok took them by surprise at that exact moment and began unloading their firearms on the twisted incarnations of Earth's heroes.

    Elektra and Hawkeye fell quickly, prompting Captain America to flee. Unfortunately, he wasn't fast enough to outrun Deathlok and ended up being severely injured. Shortly after taking "The World" back from Captain America, E.V.A. appeared and landed nearby, allowing its passengers to exit. But when Fantomex managed to get a closer look he discovered that the E.V.A. who had come along with Wolverine, Psylocke, Deadpool and Archangel were actually their twisted future counterparts.

    Fantomex and Deathlok managed to flee with Captain America in tow and, after breaking their way back to the ice-covered surface of a lake, encountered the true X-Force and E.V.A. The Psylocke of the future began reverberating her 616 counterparts thoughts back to her as she delved into her thoughts. Once everyone was aboard and airborne, they bio-welded Captain America to E.V.A.'s secondary consciousness and learned everything about Operation: Deathlok, Mankind's Utopia, Apocalypse and the location of Weapon Infinity.

    Shortly afterward E.V.A. came under attack from her future counterpart, during which time Captain America stole one of Deadpool's guns, placed it in his mouth and committed suicide before anyone, including Deadpool himself, could stop him. The other E.V.A. remained hot on their tail even as they landed in the Sahara Desert.


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