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    Sharra Neramani is a young and skilled Shi'ar warrior, who joined the Avengers, when she was exiled to Earth, and took upon the name Deathcry.

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    After dishonoring the Shi'ar royal line, Sharra Neramani was punished and it was forbidden that others even speak name aloud. She was sent to Earth by her aunt Lilandra where she adopted the name Deathcry and aided the Avengers against Kree hostilities.


    Deathcry was created by Bob Harras and Steve Epting and first appeared in The Avengers #363.

    Character Evolution

    Deathcry was introduced in the mid-90s and remained among the Avengers during writer Bob Harras' tenure. She quickly fell into limbo for over 10 years until Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning very briefly brought her back as a member of the (then unnamed) Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Major Story Arcs

    Annihilation: Conquest

    Following the events of Annihilation, Deathcry was captured and incarcerated in a Kree prison after being charged with the murder of seven Kree. In exchange for her release she was assigned to a special mission that was considered suicidal. The mission was led by Starlord and the objective was to destroy a Phalanx weapon plant. The plant was producing bombs that would be launched throughout the galaxy and when set off, they would spread the Phalanx virus to those planets as well.

    The mission wasn't well thought out since the team had no idea where the plant was so they had to wander around until they located it. In order to avoid detection by the Phalanx, they were not allowed to use any technology and had to destroy any Phalanx that saw them. During the mission, Deathcry's feral side got her into trouble. She went berserk after the new Captain Universe killed her opponent more than once when he was just trying to help her. However, killing her opponent was an insult in her culture and she attacked him. The inexperienced hero ended up killing her as she jumped at him, his powers obliterating her.

    Chaos War

    During the Chaos War, Deathcry is brought back to life along with many other former Avengers and, when asked about how she died, lies about the Captain Universe incident, instead claiming that she died in a glorious battle.

    During the resurrected Avengers team's battle, teammate Captain Mar-Vell is seemingly killed. His spirit soon returns, visiting Deathcry and bestowing some of its power into her; rechristening her as Lifecry. Lifecry engages Nekra in combat and both combatants are KO'd in the battle.

    Powers and Abilities

    Deathcry is a Shi'ar with some unusual features for her race. Her skin color is purple in a race where standard colors are variations of yellow. She has strength superior to most Shi'ar, perhaps on the level of Deathbird, who is rumored to be her mother (about 3 tons strength). Her claws can tear through "omnium steel", the material reinforcing Avengers Mansion. Her skin was nearly invulnerable and she had extensive combat training in Shi'ar and Kree techniques and formal lessons in strategy. However she was still a teenager and fairly inexperienced among the Avengers. She was prone to fits of berserker-like rage.


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