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Fleeing from the police in a stolen bi-plane, wanted murderer Jake Simmons flew into the thick of a driving rainstorm over Meteor Crater, Arizona. His plane struck by a stray bolt of lightning, Simmons crashed into the crater, barely alive.

Discovered almost immediately by the Ultra-Humanite, Simmons was carried to Ultra's secret hideout, where he was subjected to certain electrical experiments which charged Simmons like a human battery sustaining his life. As an unexpected side effect of the experiments, Simmons discovered he could control the electrical energy in him and around him.

Given a colorful costume and the code name Deathbolt by his rescuer, Simmons fought at Ultra's side until he was finally defeated by members of the All Star Squadron.

DC STARMAN 1,000,000

Deathbolt attempted to kill Ted Knight before Farris Knight (the Starman of the 853rd century) intervened.

Other Media

Veteran genre actor Doug Jones plays Deathbolt on the CW series Arrow. His first episode appearance is called "Rogue Air" which marks the return of the Flash villain team, the Rogues. The episode airs in April of 2015.

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