Death Sting

    Character » Death Sting appears in 13 issues.

    Iron Fist's older half-sister.

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    Death Sting is the half-sister of Danny Rand who is better known as Iron Fist. She was a highly skilled fighter taught in K'un Lun by Lord Conal D'hu-Tsien. When Danny had to face the Test of the Many and the One years ago, he benefitted from some unexpected help from a masked woman who fought with the skill of the demon. She was unmasked and it revealed to the Many that they were being beaten by a woman. Conal was in violation of K'un Lun custom since he taught a woman the arts of war and both of them tried to leave the city. Miranda and Conal became captives of the H'ylthri who were sentient plant-based lifeforms indigenious to the realm of K'un Lun. Miranda and Conal were being held prisoners inside plant pods and Iron Fist tried to save them. However, Miranda supposedly died when Iron Fist was overwhelmed by the H'ylithri.

    Major Story Arcs

    In the Fold

    Years later, a mysterious woman named Death Sting appeared wearing the costume of the super-villain Scorpio. Miranda was in fact Death Sting and was brought back to life by the H'ylithri. They wanted Death Sting to retrieve the Scorpio Key from a SHIELD facility so it could provide the unique sustenance the H'ylthri needed to survive. Death Sting hired Sidewinder to steal the Scorpio Key but he was killed in the process. A man named Sharyd showed Danny Rand a picture of his imprisoned sister Miranda and told him to steal the Zodiac Key in order to ensure her safety. Iron Fist successfully retrieved the Key and freed her sister. Danny told Miranda to leave with the key while he went after Death Sting. However, Joy Meachum was drugged and her assailants put her in the Death Sting costume to throw Iron Fist off. Miranda brought the key back to the H'ylthri and Iron Fist would find her. Miranda told Danny that the H'ylthri promised to make her normal again with the Scorpio Key. Miranda used the Scorpio Key to help her brother and destroy the H'ylthri. Miranda's body was not found after the explosion and presumed dead. However, some sailors found Miranda's body in the ocean. The explosion of the pods rained enough of their life-giving elixirs onto Miranda and she survived the experience. The current whereabouts of Miranda is unknown.


    Miranda is a highly skilled martial artist having been trained by Lord Conal of K'un Lun.


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