Character » Death-Stalker appears in 11 issues.

    A female Death-Stalker who has joined Purple Man's Villains for Hire. Her identity is unknown.

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    Little is known about the current Death-Stalker.

    She allied herself with Purple Man and his Villains for Hire - whether through choice or manipulation is unrevealed - and soon found herself up against the team who would come to be the new Heroes for Hire. Death-Stalker, along with Avalanche, Scourge, the Shocker, and Bushmaster, were sent to retrieve a PDF in police custody containing off-shore accounts belonging to several Maggia families. The Purple Man intended to use these resources to bankroll his criminal empire. The Purple Man's plan was going well until Tiger Shark and Bombshell interceded on behalf of their employer, Misty Knight. Death-Stalker was about to engage in battle with the Tiger Shark, but was shot through the neck by Crossfire with a sniper rifle from a distant vantage point. Death-Stalker survived, and teleported aboard a helicopter with the PDF, piloted by what appeared to be Nightshade. Using her death touch on Nightshade, she discovered the villainess was in fact a Life Model Decoy an instant before the helicopter exploded. Death-Stalker either teleported to safety or she possesses amazing recuperative powers; in either event, the Purple Man's aide-de-camp, Headhunter, reported her survival.


    Her identity is a mystery yet to be revealed, and it is unknown if she has any connection to the original Death-Stalker, who died many years ago fighting Daredevil, although she does shares the same power-set as the late Phillip Wallace Sterling. Sterling's mother once enacted a revenge scheme against Daredevil, but the plan ended in her death.

    The new Death-Stalker claims to be "already dead," and Headhunter referred to her as "not exactly human". Indeed, she had regained her ability to speak just moments after being shot through the throat.


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