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I think Death Stalker is pretty much a very underrated villain. It seems that no one remembers him but I think that he had one the best Pre Miller Daredevil stories. Every issue he appeared he always developed a great deal of fear with his touch of fear. I also think that his appearances is one of the most frigteningh (his clothes, hat,). Urghhhh....... i better face The Hulk than Death Stalker in empty, dark room. It seems that no one really remembers him because he previous was Exterminator who was another Silver Age Z villain. It even suprises me that Z villain can transform himself to A- villain. I also need to note that he even gave a tough fight to Avengers and almost whooped their asses.

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I don't know if you are ironic but I really recommend you some Death Stalker if you have not read anything Pre Miller Daredevil era.

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Death-Stalker was a pretty cool villain while he lasted, I loved the character design, the power set, a shame he couldn't pop back up in modern marvel [though who knows, he may have a chance] but then again...I can't help but feel like if he did make a ressurection, he'd get jobbed by some initiate team or something equally embarrassing [Similar to what happened to Flag-Smasher, a pretty decent Captain America villain.

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I'm interested if we are going to see new Death-Stalker after Villains for Hire series ends.

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@fishinsoup: You think this guy is more intimidating than the HULK?! That's reason enough for him to come back, and I don't mean as some loser that any idiot hero can beat to death with minimal effort!

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loved this character, very Dark & mysterious.

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