Death Reaper

    Character » Death Reaper appears in 14 issues.

    Daughter of Nekra and Grim Reaper, Death Reaper is a black magic user with a super-villain fetish.

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    Death Reaper is the daughter of Nekra and allegedly Grim Reaper, Death Reaper was the first member of Zodiac's gang as well as his lover. She was the only one who knew of Zodiac's plans.


    Death Reaper was created by Joe Casey and Nathan Fox and first appeared in Zodiac #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    Dark Reign

    Death Reaper assisted Zodiac and his Zodiac gang in attacks on the Fantastic Four and Avengers (including the Dark Avengers).

    Heroic Age

    Death Reaper helped Zodiac plan various attacks on the Avengers and the Initiative. She also helped him fund the Young Masters.


    Death Reaper seduced Pete Wisdom and stole a magical tome from him. Wisdom recruited Gambit to help him retrieve it from Death Reaper.


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